Jimmy or Jey Uso: Predicting the Uso Heel Turn at WWE Backlash 2023"


Professional wrestling has always been a hotbed for storylines and character arcs that keep fans hooked. With WWE Backlash 2023 approaching, one of the most intriguing questions on fans' minds is which member of the Uso brothers, Jimmy or Jey, will turn heel.

The Uso brothers have been a staple of WWE's tag team division for years, entertaining fans with their high-flying maneuvers and dynamic chemistry in the ring. However, recent events have caused tensions to rise between the two siblings, leading many to speculate that a heel turn is on the horizon.

Jimmy Uso, the older of the two brothers, has been dealing with personal issues that have affected his career. In early 2023, he was arrested for a DUI, causing WWE to suspend him indefinitely. This left Jey Uso to compete as a singles wrestler, showcasing his talents outside of the tag team scene.

The spotlight on Jey Uso has caused jealousy to fester in Jimmy, and some speculate that this will lead him to turn heel. If Jimmy were to turn, he could potentially feud with his brother, creating a compelling storyline that would keep fans invested.

On the other hand, Jey Uso turning heel would also make for an interesting storyline. He has been overshadowed by his brother for much of his career, and a heel turn could allow him to finally step out of Jimmy's shadow and make a name for himself.

Ultimately, the decision on which Uso brother turns heel is up to WWE's creative team. They have a knack for surprising fans with unexpected twists and turns, so it's possible that neither brother will turn, or both will turn at the same time.

Regardless of who turns, it's clear that the Uso brothers have the potential to put on a fantastic feud. Their in-ring chemistry and history as a tag team make them a natural fit for a heated rivalry. If WWE can capitalize on this potential, the Uso brothers could become one of the hottest acts in the company.

In addition to the potential for a Uso brother heel turn, WWE Backlash 2023 promises to be a must-see event for fans of professional wrestling. With a stacked card featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, including Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, and Seth Rollins, fans are in for a treat.

With a stacked card and the promise of top-notch production values, WWE Backlash 2023 is shaping up to be a must-see event for fans of professional wrestling.