Why Should You Go On A Bike Ride This Time Of The Year?

Why Should You Go On A Bike Ride This Time Of The Year?

Motorcycling is a passion that only riders understand. The feel of the wind and the rush of riding fast towards the next corner is something incomparable to any other experience. Exposing yourself to the elements is part of the fun of bike riding.

Riding is an exciting experience and one which will gift you with plenty of memorable moments. Many riders start riding when they discover the liberation they feel while on a motorcycle.

Autumn is approaching rapidly after the heat of the summer, and with it comes the perfect climate to take your bike out for a ride. The auburn hues and the falling leaves make a unique spectacle engulfing the road.

1. Clear Your Mind

Anything that gets your heart pumping is worth doing. If riding is one of those things for you, then there is no reason to stop riding no matter the season. You only need to take the proper precautions according to the climatic conditions. Doing what you love to do would surely kick out all the stress from your mind. It would help to clear your mind and feel rejuvenated.

2. Reconnecting With Nature

Riding your bike in fall is a bliss. The dropping temperature means that you will not be sweating while riding and the climate is not yet cold to cause discomfort. The shorter duration of daytime implies that the temperature will never rise to uncomfortable levels during the day.

There is no finer approach to revel in the splendors of fine autumn weather than on a motorcycle. A bike offers the perfect position to view the colors of autumn without any restrictions to your line of sight.

3. Meet New People And Participate In Events

Autumn is also the month of festivities such as the Oktoberfest, so you can plan to visit events happening en route. Drinking an 805 beer is an excellent way to enjoy the festivities, but make sure you do not drink and drive and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Events provide the perfect opportunity to experience local cuisine and culture and also meet new people.

There may be days when the temperature will rise to more than usual. Carry along with you more water than what you may require for the ride. You may not notice dehydration while riding due to the constant caressing of the wind.

Dehydration can cause serious problems such as hallucinations, which is particularly dangerous to bike riders as even a slight slip in concentration can mean a potential crash. To avoid dehydration and heatstroke, ensure to hydrate yourself regularly while riding.

Tips For Riding Safely This Time Of The Year

1. Have Appropriate Riding Gear

The weather is pleasant during fall, so you will not require several layers of clothing while riding. Leather jackets are the most attractive option to protect yourselves from the wind while riding in the autumn season.

Autumn is a period of transition, so there might be courses of high heat or cold on some days. Most motorcycle jackets integrate removable inner liners, which give you the option to add or reduce the layers of clothing according to the climate.

Riding gloves with insulation and mesh serves a dual purpose by protecting from the cold while riding and also give enough ventilation to your hands when it is warm. Helmets with closable vents are also excellent to alter as per the weather conditions.

Riding boots also serves to give protection on comfort on long rides. Packing rain protection gear protects you and your gadgets from the sudden outburst of chilling rains. The sun will be at a lower angle at this time of the year so carry a pair of sunglasses with a light tint if you do not have tinting on your helmet visor.

2. Watch Out For Leaves

The falling of leaves is among the main aspects of the autumn season. The roads you ride on may be replete with leaves which can become a safety hazard. Look out for leaves at every turn or corner and avoid going over them to ensure maximum traction.

Leaves may also pile up over potholes and other irregularities which can deceive you and prove to be hazardous. If there is a presence of dew or if it rains, the leaves will get wet, causing you to slip when you go over them. Slow down to a secure speed if you can not avoid going over leaves at any place on the road.

3. Keep An Eye Out For Animals

Wild animals are more likely to cross on to roads at this time of the year. Keep a watch for wild animals, especially when you are passing through rural or forest areas. Larger animals such as deer and elk are likely to cross the road and may startle you as you get close to them on the road.

Bear and wild turkeys are other creatures that you may encounter en-route. Avoid riding through forest areas during night time and assure that your brakes and tires are functioning properly before starting the ride.


Although bike riding may be a thrilling ordeal, it comes with their share of dangers. You must take the necessary precautions and ensure always to use safety gear while going on a ride. Keep your bike in pristine condition to reduce the chances of malfunction and minimize maintenance costs.

Bike rides offer the opportunity for plenty of soul searching and a sense of freedom from everything that weighs us down in everyday life. Enjoy your freedom responsibly and avoid putting others at risk as road travel is a mutual responsibility of all those using it.