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What Clothes Should You Pack for a Cruise Vacation?

So you’re going on vacation, and it’s a cruise. . . lucky you! Before you head out the door, make sure you have packed the proper clothes along with your swimsuits. In other words, it’s essential that you plan ahead and be organized because once you’re far away on the water miles and miles from the nearest boutique, the clothing you have brought with you better be the garments that will serve you well. Listed below are some excellent recommendations on the items you should pack for your cruise vacation.

Resort Wear in Versatile Pieces

When you’re heading on a cruise, it’s wise to pack clothing that can be styled in multiple ways. The reason for this is that you’ll be able to mix and match and always have appropriate outfits for the cruise, the formality of the ship, and any shore excursions.

For instance, you can take along six tops (some tunic-length), four bottoms, skirts, or pants, and three classic, comfortable shift dresses by tango mango. Also, bring a couple of white shirts that you can tie at the waist on an ensemble for added coverage and another look. Just think of light layers; you get the idea. It’s good to have both prints and solid colors for versatility.

Ocean Breeze Accessories

Let’s be honest. You cannot always expect smooth sailing in the weather department. Ocean breezes can be strong and put a chill even in the balmiest air. So be prepared.

Pack several scarves and/or wraps in various sizes and weights with a light jacket or hoodie to stand up against the wind. Scarves in different colors and patterns lend versatility to an outfit and can instantly change the look of a top, etc.

A nice, big-brimmed hat is yet another fab cruise vacation accessory that can protect your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun and rain. A nice hat can also help you avoid a bad hair day if the wind onboard is kicking in.

A cover-up is another useful and pretty garment that you can quickly tie around your bathing suit or slip over it for some modesty after your time at the pool or beach. A chiffon fabric makes for an elegant sarong or cover-up during your fun on the cruise.

And don’t forget to pack some pretty costume jewelry, but keep your precious jewelry at home. You can dress up or dress down an ensemble depending on how you accessorize with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Tote and Handbag for Items

You will need some kind of bag to take essentials with you. A tote is ideal for shore excursions and trips to the pool aboard the cruise ship. During the day, you may want to use a straw or canvas tote. In the evening, you can bring out a small handbag or clutch to add a bit of glamour to dinner and a show, for instance.

Flip-Flops With Slip-Resistance

Flip-flops and warm temperatures seem to go hand in hand, but not any old pair will do. Make sure to buy flip-flops that feature a tread on the sole. The simple pairs you buy at convenience stores have those cheap, smooth soles that are an accident waiting to happen on a ship’s wet decks.

Look for a pretty pair that includes solid traction such as a soft reef cushion EVA footbed and a rubber sponge outsole for flexibility. These flip-flops will not only offer amazing traction but protection and durability. Also, don’t forget a pair of comfy walking shoes and elegant footwear for those special evening events.

Sunglasses: The Ultimate Item

Place your sunnies into your luggage immediately so you don’t forget them. A delightful vacation cruise sounds heavenly when you’re prepared. You will need your shades considering the powerful reflection of the sun off the ship and the water. You might even want to bring several pairs of sunnies to change up your look because you will probably be wearing them each day of the cruise.


Being on the water is tons of fun, especially when you’re embarking on a cruise vacation. Remember to pack the essentials and bring along versatile pieces that can be layered and mixed and matched for comfort and even nighttime elegance. Have a memorable time and bon voyage!