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What Attracts Tourists To Visit The Land Of Lord Buddha?

India may not be a Buddhist dominated country, but we cannot miss the importance of the Bihar state of India in histories of Buddhism. Vihara is the word derived from the Sanskrit language and can be translated as an abode or Buddhist. Bihar is named after this word because it confirms it to be the place where the Buddha resides and gets nirvana.

If we look at Bihar state today, we can see the rich Buddhist heritage and culture etched into every corner. The name of the old places was Magadha. It later became popular with the name Bihar – the originator of the world’s largest religion of peaceful Buddhism. The state is located in eastern India and shares its border with Nepal.

From ignorance to the enlightenment, Bihar was directly linked to the Lord Buddha’s pursuit. The historical and spiritual connection with the state is illustrated by the fact that Prince Siddhartha’s quest against ignorance ended in Bodhgaya after 6 years of meditation.

He gained enlightenment here in Bihar’s religious land and changed himself from prince to Buddha – the enlightened soul. By the time of the 6th century, the world was aware of the new Buddhist religion because the Buddha did not call this blessing of enlightenment to himself.

He traveled to different parts of the world and communicated his wisdom to people and his followers. His search for truth and his knowledge of the world prompted him to wander through the kingdoms along the Ganges River, including Vaishali and Rajgir. Both destinations also stand an important Buddhist pilgrimage site alongside Bihar covered by the Buddhist pilgrimage circle covers through train tours.

The tour is the most convenient way to travel and cover the Buddhist circle of India. The first destination that is covered in the Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages India is the most important – Bodhgaya.

Bodhgaya asserts that it is a center of Buddhism with the presence of the Mahabodhi temple. It was the place where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. It was later in the Maurya Empire when the temple was built over the Bodhi tree by Emperor Asoka to celebrate the place of enlightenment of the Buddha. It is now famous as an archaeologist and a world heritage site.

The great temple of Bihar was evolved with time. The development of its architectural structure is quite visible with the long stone lotus, Lord Buddha forms in different positions on the walls of the temple. The Bodhi tree is another important and pious part of the pilgrimage. This sacred tree saw every part of the enlightenment of the Buddha.

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