Top Things to Do in San Francisco

Unveil the Fog City – San Francisco

San Francisco Also referred to as “The City by the Bay,” the Golden Gate City – San Francisco is a great city with several tempting vicinity that includes breath-taking sights, boutique restaurants, dazzling nightlife, and countless luxurious accommodation.

The capital of California – San Francisco stands 13 inline in the list of United States’ most populous city. It is globally known as the land of the liberal community, summer fog, beautiful Victorian architecture, cultural diversity, and it’s fabulous. From the crimson bridge, cable cars, a dazzling bay, and artistically queued Victorian homes on the wayside – San Francisco is truly homeland to a bit of everything. So, get ready for some spellbinding experiences like the magical aura that marks its territory beyond the bay, bustling nightlife, and trend-setting delicious cuisine & delicacies that would surely tickle your taste buds.

Top Things to Do in San Francisco

Golden Gate Park

Get yourself ready to enjoy & experience the varied collection of many incredible attractions that includes miles of green lawns, entertaining events, treasure packed museums, 7000 kinds of plants and, widespread tranquil lakes. You would definitely be going to witness the best highlights when in San Francisco.


Located in San Francisco Bay at the distance of 1.25 miles from San Francisco, Alcatraz Island is globally known for its federal prison, once which was home to many dangerous criminals during its years of operation between 1934 and 1963. However, this military prison on the historic island of Alcatraz is now a popular tourist destination.

Ferry Building
Those who love trying newly created cuisines and delicacies inspired by different cultures; they don’t afford to miss visiting Ferry Building, as Global food trends start from here. Saturdays’ are the peak time, as renowned chefs bring out something innovative food varietals from their magic box.

Golden Gate Bridge
The renowned Golden Gate Bridge is a signature spot of San Francisco, which widely featured in travel blogs and magazines depicting the real face of SFO.

It is mesmerizingly beautiful and the most photographed bridge in the entire world. This fascinating suspension bridge of Frisco covers the distance of one-mile and connects the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It is undoubtedly, one of the most loved sights of the tourists.

Powell St Cable Car Turnaround

The icon of San Francisco, the Powell St Cable Car Turnaround, is a manually operated cable car system, which is one of the unique things you would get to see in San Francisco. It was started in the year between 1873 and 1890 with 23 lines, and now it is a subsidiary of the inter modal urban transport network, which is operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway.

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