Nepal Solo travel tips for female traveler

Trekking In Nepal Solo Female? It Is Safe?

Nepal is such a beautiful location for vacations and trekking. From the top of the globe to the old cities, abundant biodiversity, architecture, and societies. Nepal has so many points to impress you as a solo tourist, particularly a solo female tourist if you decided to go along with guidance from Nepal Hiking Team

Nepal is normally considered among the best and most commonly chosen locations by solo female travelers around the world. The society, custom, culture, and all the community’s habits are totally in the favour of solo female travel in Nepal.

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However, you cannot miss the best treks in Nepal, and therefore make sure you make your entrance to Nepal trouble-free. To make it happen, below are several tips you can try to do.

So, once you enter Nepal, the warm friendliness from local individuals, respect for ladies, and easy access to nearly all the places for normal individuals together with simple and honest individuals will help you anywhere throughout the nation. However, as a tourist, you need to deal with so many new individuals, new societies, and new places with varied customs, regulations, and rules. There are a couple of points that you should bear in mind while taking a trip to Nepal as a solo female.

Safety is the primary treat for solo female travel

Although, Nepal is the best nation for solo female travelers. You will not feel regret while strolling, hiking, and exploring the various places of Nepal. Individuals are inviting, they’ll guide you if you’re solo on any journey, and also you obtain a possibility to satisfy so many solo female travelers en route actually. However, while taking a trip in Nepal, for the safety concern, obtain all the necessary information of the trails, gather all the necessary emergency situation contact no, as long as feasible book the journey with a regional travel bureau, or ask all the necessary help from them before you leave for any journeys.

For common burglaries and various other criminal offenses, you can use your own common sense as well, however, these are not typical in Nepal. Besides this, quakes, avalanches in hills, landslides, and floodings throughout the downpour period are regular in Nepal. So, as a solo female tourist or normal tourist, these points should be born in mind, and take the necessary precautions.

Know about social and religious beliefs

Nepalese guys are mainly considerate and safe, particularly for solo female travelers whether you’re in high hills or on any spiritual tours and social. There will be exemptions sometimes but in most of the places in Nepal, there are no unfavorable sensations towards the solo female travels in Nepal.

Trekking is safe for solo women?

If you’re trekking in undiscovered trails and uncharted routes in high hills, for both women and men, it’s recommended to take an overview or assistance from a regional travel bureau. Not just in those trails but also in the popular trails such as Annapurna Area, Everest Area, and a lot more popular trekking trails in Nepal. For safety and high hills are constantly harmful to all the travelers consisting of solo and team because of landscape, trails, weather therefore many various other factors. With the proper information, assistance, and knowledge of the routes, you can make your dream real in Nepal.

Cost of Nepal journeys for solo female travelers?

Normally for the Nepal visit, at first you can pay the visa charge to enter inside Nepal. For the fooding, accommodations, transports and various other costs, you can inspect our guidebook or the related packages. Generally, Nepal is among the most affordable for trekking, tours, and any type of experience tasks as compared with various other nations.

Final thought

Besides this information, when you book any journeys with a regional company, make certain that they are lawful, authorized, and don’t hesitate to inquire about the histories of the guide/sherpa, recommendations, and factors of contact.

Also, do not hesitate to request the photos of the guide, his/her license information, your trekking itinerary, which you’re sending out all those information for your own moms and dads. Also, travel insurance is extremely important while taking a trip in Nepal, particularly in high hills. So, make certain that you have proper insurance coverage for any type of unexpected event.