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considered Scotland, is relatively good and is eligible for this title. From a variety of fascinating perspectives to the wonderful places where you can take an exciting journey through the richness of pristine life and the rich culture of Codabar, the places and exercises you visit in Kuburg are too diverse and travelable. It’s not all enough…Visits

 Cool, At his resort, there are numerous places to visit according to individual tastes.

 1. Pushpagiri Hills

 There are numerous travel trails arranged here in the Western Ghats. Kumara Parvatha is found here. The second highest point in Coorg Homestay is Kumar Parbat, which is aimed at explorers who need a great view for the Kuburg scene. Extr9eme areas are excited to find travel routes and are compensated for their value from a flawless perspective.

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Once you’ve completed your annoying trip, you’ll be rewarded from above for the explosive perspective of luxury vegetation. The range of travel is typically 3-4 hours. The environment here is magnificent all year round. Also, at the end of the day, it’s the best time to visit Push Discard Lee in September and October.

 2. Tadiandamol top

Karnataka is the second most important. Here is the explorer’s work area. The included areas offer a lot of fun. On Tadiyandamol is Madikeri in western Ghats, 35 km away. Nalknad’s palace uses the genealogy of the earth as its headquarters wherever possible. The building is a two-story building. Found high from the edge, it is difficult to travel. The prominent home also has a honey beekeeping center where you can visit the thriving bee population.

 3. Nishani Motte

To Karnataka, Another bizarre journey champion Nishani Motte is on the Nishiyama Road in Bramhagiri. Late rulers used the top as a welcoming place in ancient events. A quiet and peaceful place, far from the crowd of local tourists, is a reasonably dark way. You can’t argue with the most environmentally friendly and vacation-loving people who prefer to walk cautiously and smoothly and bring their coffee heritage in a calm way. If you want a mountain view unmatched by Coorg, Nishani Motte trip.

 4. Nisargadhama

Madikeri is located on the wonderful island of the Kaveri River, 28 km away, with bamboo grove, sandalwood and teak-thick leaves. A standard outing destination, the island stretches for 64km and feels comfortable in the middle of an abundant bamboo grove, foliage, magnificent sandalwood and teak wood. The island can be accessed from the interface of the hanging rope. This is probably the most dynamic part of the outing. Likewise, if you are lucky, you may encounter rabbits, peacocks and deer. Likewise, there is an orchid garden and a children’s playground. Here you can enjoy elephant rides or float while staying in a bamboo house above the trees.

 5. Raja`s Seat

Raja`s Seat was the most important place to unravel the Kodagu ruler. There is a winding and purposeless nursery perspective located on a hill in the distance with sunset. The ideal opportunity for a fair visit is to quickly find a foggy valley and watch the sunrise at the beginning of the day.

 6. Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is a standard concern for explorers of continuous life love in the area’s notable general life shelter. Not only is it a Tiger Reserve, but it is also the home of a large wild tooth. Gaur and deer are some of the various animals found as often as possible in Nagarahole. A refreshing community is similar to the clear waters that pass through the wild in thick tropics, which are essentially densely green. There are wild stops in the woods and staying in one place at this lodge can simply add experience.

 7. Dubare Elephant Camp

  •  Dubare Elephant Camp

Camp offers an exciting and wonderful experience of being drawn to elephants. Camping with more than 150 elephants is a great opportunity to get closer to these soft animals. Take a shower, process and arrange the elephants by Mahouts. Or you can re-ride the Kaveri River to identify crocodiles, gaurs, wild fangs, sloth bears, and even peacocks. A component of this camp is raising many elephants despite being prepared. Naturalists are working to manage these elephants. As soon as you visit the camp, naturalists will teach you the skills of elephants.

Duvea is also a paradise for winged creatures. You can see some nice padded animals in this area. Anyway, you’re sure to be deceived when you see an ordinary winged creature. There is plenty of sleeping, woodpeckers and kingfishers around it. Don’t ignore the flashy peacocks that grow with their unique wings. When the sun goes down, you can see the mass relocation of flying animals if you can visit the preserved Bundok.