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Top Things to Do in Boston

Looking for the fascinating things to do in Boston? Well, here are some suggestions about the best things to do there to enjoy your vacation. Boston is a beautiful city steeped in American history and lore. With massive colonial buildings and a host of attractions, Boston is the place that lures globetrotters from far and wide. This city is not just famous for museums and historical sites but also well-known for charming art and oddities. From the delightful scenes of Kennedy Green-away to the chills of the Gravestones tour, these unique things to do in Boston will never disappoint you. Below are mentioned some of the best activities in which you can indulge and enjoy your holidays in Boston.

Best Things to Enjoy in Boston

There are numerous things to enjoy in Boston that you cannot afford to miss while visiting there, be it museums, historical sites, world-famous restaurants, or excellent bars and friendly locales. Visitors will surely fall in love with them at first glance. Let’s check out some of the places that are not-to-be-missed while exploring Boston.

1. Lead to the past with Freedom Trail

As already said that Boston is steeped in history, and thus, you can expect lots of sites that will lead you to the glorious history and rich past of the city. Freedom Trail is one of those tourist destinations where you can find plenty of city’s principal historic monuments and sites. These include Boston Common, State House, Old Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Old State House, and a lot more.

2. Head towards the most fabled sports complex – Fenway Park

Often known as America’s most notable ballpark, Fenway Park is one of the iconic attractions to explore in Boston. This place entices all types of travelers, no matter whether you are a sports fan or not. You can take a tour of it which will be surely exciting and memorable. One of the unique features of this ballpark is its 37-foot green wall located in the left field. This park has the lowest seating capacity as compared to the other ones.

3. Visit the Beacon Hill

Located right in the center of the city, Beacon Hill is one of the gorgeous neighborhoods to explore. Here, you can traverse to the Nichols House Museum, which shows how upper-class residents live. This museum is packed with a variety of collections of furnishings and other decorative arts. You can also explore the north side of Beacon Hill, which is highly modest.

4. Explore the History at the Museum of Fine Arts

Are you looking for the collection of impressionist paintings? If so, then visit the Museum of Fine Arts and witness the work from Ancient Greece, Europe, and Egyptian Treasures. One new American Wing is added to the museum that houses the incredible collection of American Paintings and design dating back to the modernist eras. Here, you can find the highlights of wood sculptures, ivory and gold statues, and Egyptian structures.

5. Museum of Science

Are you interested in understanding new concepts of science and technology? If yes, then visit the Museum of Science in Boston and encourage yourself to learn more about the facts of science and technology. This museum is not just designed for kids but also for the adults who are interested in exploring the truths about physics, biology zoology, astronomy, and computers. Here, you can get the chance to visit the Butterfly Garden, Electricity Dome, Planetarium, Computer Place, and a lot more.

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