Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Taj Mahal, Agra

One of the seven wonders in the world, the Taj Mahal, obviously makes for the top 10 list of tourist destinations in India. This marble beauty which almost took over 20 years for 20,000 workers to craft is indeed a mesmerizing sight.

The Indo-Islamic Mughal architecture is studded with precious stones and carved with intricate patterns. Situated on the bank of the Yamuna River, Taj Mahal looks magical at the time of dusk or dawn.

Kedarkantha, Uttarakhand

Nestled in the ‘Land of Gods’ of Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha is one of the best trek experiences of the Himalayas. The tall pine trees clad in snow, beautiful clearings for the camp which gives a nice vantage point and the lush green forests make up for a wildlife expedition. What makes it special is the fact, when most of the trekking routes are closed due to heavy snowfall, Kedarkantha offers just the right amount of snowfall for you to enjoy its surroundings.

You can visit Kedarkantha all around the year, but experiencing winter snow from mid-December to April would be the best time to visit. The summit climbs which loom over from the base itself are a most satisfactory feeling in itself.

With an elevation of 12,500 ft, it gives the overall view of 13 peaks from the Himalayan range. Lastly, the spiritual lake called Juda-ka-talab where Lord Shiva once meditated gives you another serene look, making this trek one of the main attractions among tourists.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Harmandir Sahib often referred to as The Golden Temple, is a prime religious site for Sikhism. Located in the city of Amritsar, it is known for its symbol of humanity and brotherhood. The golden abode is equally marvelous and truly peaceful. The spiritual aura as the soothing chants from Sikh holy book surrounds the entire place is impeccable.

Apart from its beauty, Golden Temple is infamous for its ‘Langar’ or free kitchen which houses approximately 50,000 free meals per day.

Red Fort, Delhi

Named after the beautiful red sandstone used in the crescent-shaped architecture, Red Fort is one of the main tourist attractions. This impregnable fort was built by Shah Jahan to serve as the royal residence. It included two gates- Lahore Gate and Delhi Gate. Red Fort comes under one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Every Independence Day, the prime minister of India delivers his speech from Red Fort.

Goa Beaches

One of the favorite vacation spots among travel enthusiasts is the beaches of Goa. The beaches on the western coast of India make for a perfect getaway.

Calangute beach is well known and hence you will see a lively crowd, whereas if you are looking for solitude with crystal clear water then Agonda beach is perfect. With a number of churches and beaches, it is a perfect mix of culture and party vibes.

Qutub Minar, Delhi

This monument structure made only of bricks stands at 70 mt. marking it to be the world’s tallest minaret. Qutub Minar has the slightest tilt, which is another architectural marvel. The historically rich monument was built in 1200 when the means to make such astounding architecture was not so easy. The walls of Qutub Minar have scripts inscribed representing the culture and history beautifully.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

The Gateway of India on the shore of the Arabian sea was built to welcome King George V and his wife Queen Mary in 1911. This is also the same Archway from where the last Britishers left India in 1948.

The huge archway, with the sea as its background, is rather a spectacular sight to see. There are even boat rides available to visit Elephanta caves, another tourist spot. Across the Gateway of India, there is the infamous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel known for its spectacular colonial style.

The Golden City, Jaisalmer

The name ‘golden city’ comes after its dunes and castle covered in golden honey sandstone of the Thar desert.

Jaisalmer is a place with legacy, heritage and culture with its history-rich Havelis. You can listen to the whispers of Arabian night’s tale in the desert or ride a camel through it.

The characteristic feature of this place is the structures built in yellow sandstone and hence justifying its name as a golden city.

Mysore Palace, Karnataka

A three-storied structure designed by an English architect depicts the Indo-Saracenic style. The Mysore palace, officially known as Mysore Palace, has square towers, domes, beautiful gardens and sculpted pillars in Durbar Hall.

If you want absolute delight, visit the palace on Sunday for the captivating light display done by over 90,000 lights. Apart from visiting this stunning palace, you can take back souvenirs like silk and sandalwood from the market.

Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki

Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are one of the major tourist attractions in the South. It is built around the lake that was initially engineered for irrigation purposes for the city.

This vast Sanctuary houses many wildlife species such as wild boar, the lion-tailed macaque, more than 20 Bengal tigers and even free-roaming elephants. You can even indulge in bird-watching activities around the beautiful lake.

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