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Things to do when traveling to another country

Even if you don’t travel much, it’s still a pleasure to plan a trip just for a sailing vacation. When you come to another country, you don’t know where to start getting to know the country. Well, except to go to the sights. Although that’s important too. Make sure you make a list of things you want to do when you travel abroad. So, I have compiled a list of things that are useful to me, which is essential for all my travels.

Make your route.

Whether I wanted to stand in line at the ticket booth to buy a ticket or to take a photo with that beautiful building in the background, either way, I had to go to the places and sights that I must see. Because I didn’t see any, but you can compile a list of locations. For example, buy tickets online to avoid queues. The main thing is to consider this list of when and where to go. And make sure to include non-tourist routes that leave you alone and enjoy the beauty and silence around you. Otherwise, they will provide you with the opportunity to see similar content that you can then surprise and share with your friends. But be warned: this gives you the opportunity to make non-touristy places very popular!

Get to know the locals.

That’s my favorite point of view. So, lately, I’ve rallied together to try and change my mindset. Either attitude has become more open, which won’t be in making new friends. Knowing the details of the life of a particular group of people, conversational exercises in English and a fun pastime. This makes it possible to integrate more into the culture and seek advice on “where to go”, “where to eat” and so on. In Vietnam, for example, I even went to yoga with the owner of our apartment. In addition to numerous lunches/dinners and coffee. In Nepal, we stayed in the owner’s house and became very close to them as we went to eat and visit each other.

Taste the local cuisine

You can of course taste the local cuisine to touch on the history and culture of the people. How about visiting Georgia, for example, and tasting Thai tom yum soup? In the Balkans, to try the Bosnian cevapcici and Montenegrin pljeskavica?In Turkey, simply by not serving regular coffee, or not only annoying, so much so that you immediately learn that the Turks are subtly promoting their own brand. After eating different dishes, the stomach may become accustomed. Thus, depending on the national cuisine, one can learn the major taste preferences of the country and even the world view.

Looking for special souvenirs

Souvenirs you look for in the local merchandise and choose your favorite gifts to buy, such as some small jewelry. You’ll also want to get gifts for your loved one for him, and for your friend or loved one when you travel back. If it’s for your wife, you can choose a handbag. A friend can choose a small gift that is easy to carry.

Learn some language of the country

Feel like a local and learn at least a few common words. Facilitate simple everyday communication. Especially if you learn how to compliment a Nepali hostess who appeals to you for a delicious dinner, how to say a toast in German, or how to greet your grandmother at the entrance.

Try something new for yourself!

Eat something you’ve never eaten before. Do something you’ve been dreading: either surfing or trying paragliding, rafting, jumping rope. Skydiving is scary, but you can try, beyond your limits.

Take short trips

No one will tell you the history of the place, such as an experienced guide or tour guide. This is very essential for overall growth. Even if the guide tells stories and legends, you can at least have a good time. Yes, guides and tour guides have a high professional sense of humor, so without jokes, jokes and a good mood, you will not stay on the tour.

Do not rush anywhere for at least a day!

Another one of my favorites. In Europe, taking in the scenery or climbing a mountain and then immediately descending it. I like to savor the time when I have it and enjoy it to the fullest instead of thinking about being somewhere before sunset” because these photos won’t be pretty. Drink coffee, have breakfast at a cafe and enjoy every minute of it.