visit to Ancenis

The best things to try during a visit to Ancenis

Ancenis, France, is not a very popular touristic destination. Though, it has many attractions to offer to the visitors that are really worth it. At this hidden destination, you can plan up to two weeks’ trips during which you will find different things to discover every day. 

Drop back in the past and visit the Ancenis Castle

When you are in the town of Ancenis, visiting this castle is among the most appreciated activity within all the Ancenis activities for tourists. Located on the bank of the Loire, this gothic church is one the most important of the region. 

Its gatehouse was built at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 16th century. Its defensive device is made of a drawbridge arranged in a chicane and a crooked arch gallery where a portcullis is stuck. 

The home is based upon the Renaissance style. This project was born within the idea of Claude the 1st de Rieux and his wife Suzanne de Bourbon and began in 1529. On the courtyard side of the castle, there is a façade decorated with the first Renaissance style, even if its structure is completely gothic. 

Since 1977, the Château d’Ancenis has become a historical monument. The French Ministry of Culture has decided to do so due to its uniqueness in France. From that moment, its protection deals with the whole fortifications, the façades but also the roof of the entire building. 

In 1986, the castle became the property of Ancenis. Between 2013 and 2015, the Renaissance house was restored, in order to strengthen the structure. The Castle was then re-opened for the public. 

Visit the dolmen de la PierreCouvretière

The dolmen of the Pierre Couvretière is a specific dolmen situated in Ancenis. The monument was listed among the historical monuments of France since 1926. It was the object of two successive campaigns of excavations led, progressively, under the reign of Jean L’Helgouach in October 1972 and under that of Daniel Prigent in November 1973. It is the only dolmen that is still visible in the region. 

For the anecdote, notice that as far as the legend is concerned, God had offered to Satan all the inhabitants of Ancenis to be in his exclusive possession if, carrying 3 stones, he came in the city before the rooster had crowed. But the rooster crowed when Satan was in the meadow of Saint-Pierre. The devil threw his burden and fled to hide forever in hell. From that legend, the dolmen was named Devil’s Stone. 

Go to the Theater of greenery

It is a stage open to all public, facing the Loire. This structure can be used for many purposes, for amateur shows, family celebrations, or association events… In all, it has 340 seats for a stage of 120 m². 

You will be able to make unusual meetings of talented artists in the grass. You will also be able to have a good time in a calm and relaxing environment. The municipality regularly organizes numerous shows in this unique park of the region. Don’t miss the music festivals which are as animated as culturally rich.  

Otherwise, all summer long, you can attend all kinds of free shows. For example, you can attend a folklore show every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm. During the shows, you can bring your own drinks and snacks to take profit from every second spent there with your family or friends.