Looking for Treasured Vacations? Spend a Few Days In England, Indeed!

It is not true that professional life is boring where no one can enjoy. It is a responsibility that you have to owe. Only you, who can make your life more interesting by taking some breaks from your normal life and plan out a mesmerizing vacation across an amazing destination. But, where? Why not England this time?

England, which comes under the jurisdiction of United Kingdom (UK), is a historical country that also being called as ‘land of the Angles’. It is also the land of many popular places that can attract everyone’s eyes with their natural beauty and thrilling outings. We know that you cannot restrict yourself to travel around the country, but let’s discuss first about the holiday destinations in England.

In order to have a clear understanding, we have separated destinations according to the regions in the country:

  • Central England
  • Eastern England
  • South West England

Now let’s start the journey towards the exotic destinations…

Central England

The part of central England has been blessed with awesome tourist destinations, such as:


This place favours you with beautiful heights and open surroundings. It gives an ample space to those individuals, who love rambling and mountain biking. Peak district is comprised of spa towns, Elizabethan manors, canals, secret caves, natural springs and woodlands. Besides that, you will also enjoy scrumptious Bakewell tart to satisfy your taste.


Welcome to the core of Shakespeare’s England. Yes, this place gives you an unforgettable experience of theatres belongs to Royal Shakespeare Company that take you the back era of Warwickshire. While exploring the beauty of this travel destination, you will come across signature motte and bailey forts, romantic Elizabethan love nests that show beauty through towers and gatehouses. Besides that, take your family towards the roads surrounded by timber-framed houses and market squares. Heritage Motor Centre is also a place of attraction.


This travel destination in England attracts the visitors with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, natural surroundings and Steam Train network that have been preserved perfectly. Visit at its Iron Bridge Gorge that has been awarded with World Heritage status for its contribution as the origin of the Industrial Revolution. Walk your legs towards world’s oldest Iron Bridge.

Eastern England

Your vacations would be incomplete to England if you don’t ride towards eastern part of England. It has plenty to offer to vacation lovers:


If you are fond of live music, then this place is like a heaven for you. It is embellished with swanky coastal towns and visitors also enjoy here the best collection of beer made from local microbreweries. This place is also mesmerised with safari parks, pastel beach, Bury St. Edmunds made from beautiful architecture.


Come to the heaven of finest landscape of lakes and rivers. This beautiful place is also attracting a large number of visitors with its extensive wildlife particularly in The Broads National Park. Apart from that, one can also take pleasure of royal bike ride in Norflolk that can be followed by enjoying sitting around the most regal romantic setting. During your visit, you can also enjoy sea life at Hunstanton.


Cambridgeshire has been famous as one of the best places of learning. You will be amazed to see the streets surrounded by medieval markets, enjoy punting on the River Cam, riding bike to be familiar with historical beauty of Cambridge and having a trip of ghost hunting with Cambridge Ghost Tours. Besides that, you also get the chance of seeing winter flowers at Anglesey Winter Garden.

South West England

As a traveller, you cannot miss to have a trip to South West England because this region is also embellished with wonderful tourist destinations, such as:


Take the pleasure of rolling hills, awesome gorges and magnificent wetlands. It is what the beauty of Somerset is all about. Most of the travel lovers would like to see the natural beauty of this southwest county and they also enjoy a spiritual journey here. Not just the day tour, you will enjoy the majestic night sky on Exmoor. During your stay at Somerset, you should be a part of Glastonbury Festival and then plan a trip towards Wild playground in Exmoor.


Make your trip to England more delicious by having a taste of clotted cream crumbly yarg cheese and pasties. Take your family to watch a live open-air play at the Minack Theatre. Do not miss an opportunity to stay in a Castle at the Garrison and enjoy rainy day activities at the Cornwall’s Eden Project. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a horse ride across Perranporth beach.


While celebrating the holidays at South West England, you cannot miss out a visit towards Moorland National Park. Also make a visit to Plymouth, which is a perfect destination for riding cycle with your spouse and kids. Never miss a boat trip to view the best sightseeing of Jurassic Coast and then include a ride towards Dartmoor Zoological Park.

Thus, England has plenty to offer you. Although the above explanation is just a glimpse of its beauty and plenty of things are still to cover. Why not start planning now for holidays in England as Christmas is just a few months away. As far as arranging money is concerned, you do not have to worry because you can use savings and cover other expenses by applying for 12 month loans with no guarantor in the UK. Apply for these loans from reliable direct lenders like Big Loan Lender and pay back the borrowed amount in easy monthly instalments.

Time has arrived for you to give your life something memorable…

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