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How To Spend A Day Day In Russia

In recent times Russia has become very popular among travelers. Russia is so large that every time you visit you will experience a different kind of vibes. Do not just visit the best cities in Russia but also visit other unexplored places of this wonderful country. In this article, we would try to see what things can be done in Russia.

If you are planning to spend a day in Russia, we would suggest some options as everyone would have different kinds of opinions and choices.

  1. Go For Canal Tour

If you wish to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience then do visit Saint Petersburg’s which is also called Venice of the North. Used boat rides to see beautiful places along with the riverside such as Peter and Pual Fortress and Mariinsky Theatre. There are around about 800 bridges along this 300 kilometer of artificial canals. Go for a daytime cruise along this Neva River, go for a romantic dinner on a cruise on this river, if you choose a midnight cruise then be ready to be amused by the illuminated skyline.

2. Go To Red Square

This place is called the heart of Moscow and it is blessed with beautiful architecture. This place has great significance in the history of this country. Once you visit this place you would get to know various interesting things about this place Also do visit the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, St. Basil Cathedral and there are many more places to visit here.

3. Samara Embankment

If you visit the Volga River there is a big stretch of 5km long which is called the Samara Embankment. This place is one the most scenic and delightful places to be with your family and your partner Along the bank, we can come across some classical and historical monuments which can work as the best backdrop to click some memorable photos. You can plan for a cruise ride on the Volga and spend some leisurely time along the bank of this river. Also, one thing which should be noted is that people here are live examples of down to earth meaning they are humble and very helpful too and always carry a smile on their face.

4. Visit Red Valley

If you love skiing and adventure then Red valley is the place where you need to visit. This place is a hub for people who love snowboarding and skiing this was also a place for the winter Olympics in 2014. The terrain here is ideal for adventure-loving people. So this place should be on top of your list when you visit Russia.

5. City Of The Dead

You must have heard a lot about this place the city of the dead as this is one of the most well-liked places in Russia. It is been said that during the early 18th century due to the plague many people died here that is why there are more than 100 ancient stone crypts, many myths and stories have been said about this place which is bound to bring some kind of adrenaline rush inside you.

6. Star City

This place is located on the outskirts of Moscow which is also a training center for cosmonauts. This place was so much secret that this place could not be located on any kind of map. This place would surely help you to take a leap in the future. If you want to experience an unforgettable experience then this is the place where you need to visit, take part in a simulated rocket launch or a zero-gravity flight. This place will surely bring some goosebumps to you for sure. 

7. Hermitage Museum

This museum is located in St. Petersburg is world-renowned and one of the most visited places in Russia. This place has around about 5 buildings, in which the Winter Palace is the main building. This palace was home to Romanov Tsars from the early 16th till the Russian Revolution took place in the early 20th century. Visiting this place would give us a feel of how the Russian royals have lived their life in luxury. There are so many things to see in this place that if you want to each piece then it would take around about 1year to see them all. In this palace, your starting point would be Jordan Staircase. The beauty of this place is so good that we would be short of words to describe them. After seeing this we get to know how lavish and magnificent the life of Russian royals would have been. 


After reading our article, we ensure that you like to visit Russian for not just a few days but for some months, The opulence and grandness of the palaces in Russia are amazing. We have fallen short of the words to describe them. A trip to Russia should be well-planned as there are so many things to visit and do.