How Can You Avoid Travel Budget Busters?

It is a known fact that traveling requires both time and money. No conscious traveler will like to spend too much money or waste money on their travel. It does not matter if someone is traveling with a low budget or not. No traveler will prefer to waste their hard-earned money over the unnecessary budget busters.

You need to take out some time and find out what are the major budget busters can dig a deep hole in your pocket as well as travel budget. Accordingly, you need to search for ways that can help you to avoid these busters from your travel.

Always remember that unnecessary expenditures can completely shatter your travel budget. Try not to spend your savings before your next trip and also follow these below-given tips to save money while you are on the road.

Airport purchases

If you reach the airport much early before your flight takes off, you will be tempted to spend your time eating, drinking or shopping unless you are stuck in a long security line. You can avoid spending your money on these things if you plan your journey and pack snacks, an empty water bottle (which can be filled once you’re through security), and your reading material.


No one will disagree that they tend to spend a lot of our money on beverages while traveling, especially during the summer season. Travelling makes us thirsty and as a result, we are forced to pay for an overpriced glass of beer, latte and water bottles while exploring a particular destination. Try to avoid going out dancing and drinking and instead enjoy a beer with friends in your room or the hostel lounge. You can also taste some local beer or liquor which are usually cheaper than imports like Heineken or Budweiser.


A souvenir is like a memory that every traveler wishes to take back home from their journey. When you visit a new place, you make sure you pick something from the local shops as a gift for your beloved. But at times, you end up paying much more than you bargained for. When out shopping, make sure you have an idea of what you’re looking for and it will help you to stay focused.

Airline fees

Try to avoid extra expenditure for bringing a carry-on, checking a bag, or printing your boarding pass at the airport. For these items, you have to shell out a huge amount of money (in one case, $100 per person) on certain airlines. You can consult Smarter Travel’s airline fees and luggage charges charts before booking your flight. This will help you to get an estimate of the fare and you will get to know which bags you shouldn’t carry with you.

Packing unwisely

You must always pack wisely or else you will end up spending a lot on our overweight luggage. Pack your bag in a manner that you do not forget to take your essentials (like an umbrella, sunscreen, or jacket—depending on your destination) behind, and also keep your bag lightweight. Learn to strike a balance by checking the weather before you leave and only packing things that you need. Last time I traveled to Orlando on Southwest Airlines, I had to pay a bulk of money due to my extra luggage. Though I had made my Southwest Airline reservations from Airlines customer services, I skipped the baggage policies.

Try to follow these tricks if you want to avoid these travel budget busters while you are traveling.

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