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Gujarat Is Ready To Welcome Travelers After Covid-19

If you are like traveling and are wondering when you’ll be able to do that again, we have some news. There have been some updates in the travel world that have come post-Corona. Gujarat tourism is ready to welcome tourists after the lockdown.

You can now look for Gujarat Tour Packages. Although, with restrictions in place. Covid-19 has impacted all the sectors of the economy and social life. However, most crucially, it has affected the travel and tourism industry.

They have faced the biggest challenge of all trying to cope with the economy in these trying times. If you are an avid traveler and wonder what the safety measures are taken by Gujarat tourism and government for post-COVID traveling, here are the updates.

What Are The Travel Updates?

  • All the travel-related services such as airlines, travel, and tourism companies have faced an unexpected challenge as the pandemic progresses.
  • Travelers need to feel safe about traveling again, and hence, many of them are hesitant in going.
  • There will be restrictions on the new travel process. The safety and health of tourists is the top priority. Thus, many places have been closed for a while.
  • Now, they’ll be reopening soon as a new normal.
  • If you are traveling, you are probably unsure about what safety measures to take care of; we got you covered.

What Safety Measures To Follow While Traveling Gujrat?

  • Make sure you take care of your hand hygiene. You will be coming in contact with a lot of things with your hands while traveling and, thus, to ensure that you don’t catch the virus from somewhere.
  • You’ll need to get alcohol-based sanitizers and use them as frequently as possible.
  • Wash hands as frequently as possible.
  • Ensure that you are wearing a mask at all times in public places.
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing if you are not wearing a mask.
  • Do not touch your face without washing your hand according to guidelines. The virus can go from your hands to your face and stay there.
  • Make sure you eat from a hygienic place and clean your cutlery before eating.
  • A lot of places will have temperature recording before you enter anywhere as a precaution.
  • Some places also have a 14-day quarantine period, where you won’t be allowed to go anywhere for that period.

Travel Destinations:

Now almost forty percent of all tourism places have eased the restrictions. Twenty-two percent of tourist attractions have been open to tourists. This responsible opening of tourist places is giving people hope of things returning to normalcy soon. Travel is starting up again, and people are excited.

The risk of transmission through international travel has severely reduced. Airports and all the other travel destinations have undertaken a lot of precautions when it comes to safe travel. They have to ensure that their passengers, as well as employees, do not get infected.

Now that Gujarat tourism is also opening, the government is ready to welcome tourists again, along with taking care of the safety of travelers. Gujarat Tour Packages are offering mostly all the tours and travel services. There has been a slow and gradual opening of all the tourist places in Gujarat with restrictions and safety measures.

If you’re an Indian citizen, India is what you should choose as your first option to travel. It is closer to home, and you will be able to access the risk before going anywhere. Gujarat has the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity, and it is among one of the most visited tourist attractions in Gujarat.

You are now more likely to book your accommodation with known companies to ensure your safety. Sanitization is going to be mandatory everywhere, and thus, it is going to be new security. There will be a lot of pre-screening before you go anywhere. Therefore, it is essential to maintain hygiene and safety wherever you go.

Another thing that is going to be an essential factor in tourism is that the flight and other transportation prices will go up. Likely, the prices of all the other tourism-related services will also increase.


A road trip to your nearest location will ensure that you don’t get infected while traveling. But with proper safety precautions, you can travel to Gujarat. You will find all the tourist destination is ready to welcome the guest with this new normal. Yes, you also have to take care of yourself and follow the guidelines provided by the Gujarat tourism department.

The flexibility is good outcomes of this pandemic as you can quickly get flexible cancelation and rescheduling. You can easily change your travel plans according to the situation and flow with it.

Look for different state tourism packages, including Gujarat tour packages and it will provide you with options for places to travel. If you are traveling for a weekend trip or looking to go anywhere for a day or two, Gujarat tourism has plenty of options. It is ranging from holy places to wildlife to folk cultures. It is your destination to experience everything.