A Complete Guide For India Visa Online Application

A complete guide for India Visa Online Application

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Visa is official permission granted to the foreign citizens by the government of India allowing them to enter, stay within or leave the territories of India. It holds the identity details of the foreign traveller. Any foreigner trying to enter India without valid visa permission is liable to serious punishment by the government of India. Each country has its own visa policy that is followed. There are different kinds of visas granted on the basis of purpose of visit and duration of the visit of an individual.

What is the Process for Obtaining an India  E-Visa?

Applying for an e-visa is a simple and hassle-free process. As an applicant, you just need to visit the official website of the government, i.e., indianvisa  You can fill the online visa application form available on this website. It is completely a safe and secure method of filling the application form. All you need is just a good internet connection and all the required documents to avoid any kind of barriers.

Make sure to recheck your application form and documents at least twice because in case of any mistake or doubts your visa application might get rejected. After filling the application form you can pay the fees online and wait for the confirmation. Once your visa application is approved, you will get an ETA via email confirming your visit to India. You can get the hard copy of your visa from a nearby cyber center for later use.

How Much Does online India e visa  Cost/fee to me?

Indian e-visa fee is that amount of money that the supplicant has to pay in advance while filling the visa application form. This fee is accepted through credit/debit cards or via PayPal only.

e-Tourist Visa (multiple entries for 365 days) $35

Business Visa (multiple entries for 365 days) $45
e-Medical Visa( triple entries for 60 days) $45
e-Medical Visa( triple entries for 60 days) $45
e-Medical Attendant Visa( triple entries for 60
days) $45

The approximate per person visa application fees are given below:

How long is e Visa India valid for?

Since e visa India costs lesser than the regular visa, it is also valid for the lesser time when compared with a regular visa. Although to increase the foreign tourist and business engagement in the country, the government revised the validity period of Indian visa. Tourist and Business e
visas are now valid for One year allowing multiple entries into India for a
continuous stay of up to 180 days per visit. Whereas conference e-visa allows a continuous stay up to 30 days with only a single entry. Triple entry is permitted on the e-medical visa.

How Often Can You Get an E-Visa?

The government of India permits you to apply for an e-visa twice in a calendar year. Can I visit India if my visa expires in 1 month? A visa is considered valid until the visa expiry date as mentioned on the visa. So, yes you can visit India if you have 1-month validity left on your visa. However, passport validity is something you must surely be concerned about. Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity and 2 blank pages for the purpose of the stamp.

How long Indian E visa takes?

Once you fill the visa application form online through the official government website, you can pay the application fees online after rechecking the details in order to avoid any mistakes and chances of rejection of the visa application. After this, you must frequently check your emails, as once your visa is approved you will get an ETA via email. This might take 4-5 days. Once you get the confirmation email approving your visa application, you can get the hard copy of your visa application and carry it with you when you arrive in India. The airport staff will stamp your passport.

Can I extend my Indian e visa?

The validity of e-visa starts once you enter in India and is valid for the indicated duration on the visa. A regular tourist visa can be extended only in the cases of extreme emergencies, such as medical emergencies, accident, stolen passport or important documents, etc. For those who face any such emergency case can contact the Foreigners Regional Registration Office for the assistance.

Generally, an extension of not more than 14 days is given, depending upon the requirement of emergency. Documents needed in case of extension requirement of e-visa are mentioned below –

1. Two passport size photographs
2. Passport (another travel document in case of theft)
3. A valid letter from the hospital with proper stamp and signatures of the
doctor concerned. (in cases of a medical emergency)

What are the documents needed for India online visa?

While filling the visa application form online, you need to attach certain
documents depending upon the list of visa you are applying for –
quality digital photograph preferably with a white background. The photo
should be in PDF, JPG, or PNG format. The size of the photograph should
not exceed 3MB.

2. SCANNED COPY OF PASSPORT – a colored scanned copy of the first
biographical page of the passport, that contains all the personal details and
photographs of the applicant must be uploaded with the visa application
form. The scanned copy should be clear and not blur. It should be uploaded
in PDF, PNJ, or JPG format and must not exceed 3MB.
3. IN CASE OF BUSINESS VISA-A business card, visiting card, or a letter by the
company (along with the above-mentioned documents) justifying the visit
of the person travelling.

4. IN CASE OF MEDICAL VISA – An official letter on the letterhead of the
concerned hospital along with a valid stamp that confirms that the
applicant is advised a special medical treatment.

* All the documents and details should be in English language only*

How many days before travel should I apply for India online visa?

Since the Indian e-visa takes lesser time to get approved as compared to a regular visa. You can apply maximum 120 days, i.e., 4 months prior to your scheduled trip to India and a minimum 4 days prior to your travel date for the visa. If you fail to adhere to this time, your visa application will get rejected.

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