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7 interesting facts about France

You might have always thought France to be a place where artists reside, a place of beauty, and a place where everything is beautiful and serene. Despite all that being true, there is so much more to know about this land. Well, apart from the famous towers, bread, and wine, it also possesses several other attractions that add to its charm. So next time when you read something about France or are visiting the country, keep these facts in mind. Here are seven interesting facts about France that you might have not or might have seldom heard. 

Origination of the French language:

The French language is one of the most learned ones, not just in Europe, but throughout the world. As appealing and sexy as it might sound, the exciting fact about this language is that it was not always the native of the region of France. It was the official language of the Queen’s land, England, for almost three centuries. From 1066 to 1362 French happened to be the national language of England. Today there are multiple countries with the tag of Francophone, French being on top of the list, but it was not always the scenario. After the descent of the language from the Roman empire, many nations adopted it as their language, England being one of them, used it for quite some time. So, now you know where the all-time-romantic language, French, has its roots.

Want to kiss on a train platform in France? Well, beware!

Despite being one of the most romantic countries in the world, you cannot lock lips with your partner at any place in France. As obscure as it might sound, it is true. Not for all the other sites, but it is undoubtedly applicable when you are one a train platform in France. It’s true, according to a law passed back in the day, it forbids you from kissing on a train platform in France. The bill passed in 1910 was to avoid the delayed departures of the passengers. As refraining oneself from kissing in the romantic aura of France was, and is indeed a tough task.

Say cheese, but which one?

France is famous for several things, and cheese is just one of them. You can often hear people commenting on cheese in France, but very few have actual knowledge about the cheese in the country. The country does not only produce the widely popular Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Parmesan. If you count the total number, it is somewhere close to 400. That’s right, 400! The legend says that with every next region in France the cheese changes; the procedure of making it, the milk used for making it, and the taste. It would take you more than a year to taste all kinds of French cheese even if you ate a new one every day.

Your beloved pet cannot travel with you on a railway network without their ticket.

Unlike in many other countries, where you can take your pet with you on a railway network; you might not want to do the same in France. In France, it is an offense to take your pet with you on a train without buying a ticket for them as well. Any domesticated animal over the weight of 5 kgs is required to have an animal ticket when traveling with the French Railways. Plus, you cannot carry snails that are alive even with a ticket at this railway network.

Topping the tourism charts:

Amongst all the other appealing and royal countries across the globe, France remains the most visited country by tourists. The tourism of the country contributes a lot to the economy of the country. With millions of people visiting the country every year, the exact number is approximately 45 million tourists. Most people who visit the country once, fall in love with its mesmerizing beauty, and why would they not; right from fashion and romance capital, Paris to the astounding Mount Alps, it is truly one of the most stunning countries in the world.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine?

For most people, and for some wine lovers, this has always been a query. You would be opening the cork of that bottle and the content inside shoots suddenly, and people start cheering. Well, this is a typical scene at almost every celebration in the world. The baffling part is that, while some people call it Champagne, while some say it’s Sparkling Wine. While both are true, there is a narrow chasm between the two of those. Champagne and Sparkling Wine, both are wines, but wine is termed as champagne only if it is made in Champagne, France; else it is termed to be as Sparkling Wine. It is interesting how the name of the area defines the richness of the wine.

Rich Literary heritage of the country:

France being one of the romantic countries of the world, has rich and diverse Literature. To date, most writers in the world belong to France. Well, who would not want to pick up their pen and paper to describe the alluring beauty around? Well, that might be one of the reasons why most writers belong to this country. Well, this has also added to the Nobel prize stack of the French individuals in Literature. The French countrymen and women have won the most Nobel prizes in literature than any other country in the world. Either writing is in the genes of the French or the charming adds to writer’s imagination, well you would not know until you visit France and pen down something there.

Lastly, the exciting elements about the country do not stop here; there are a plethora of other things about the country that makes it what it is today. So, after visiting France with your family, cherish and preserve all your invaluable memories on a carte a grater. Right from the wide variety of cheese to the flavorful wines, France earns its name for being one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

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