Best Things to do in London

7 Best Things to do in London

Attracting millions of visitors each year, London is the most visited European city. London is a very diverse city with a far-reaching history and an outstanding culture.

You’d always have something to do in this vibrant city, what with remarkable entertainment, dining, and history. Needless to mention, you just can’t get bored in London.

Here are the 7 best things to do in London:

  1. Tour around the Tower of London – Situated on the bank of the River Thames, and constantly bustling with activity, the Tower of London is made up of 12 multiple towers that are open to the public. Take an hour-long entertaining excursion led by the tower guards, also known as the Yeoman Warders. These men are sure to regale you with stories of the tower’s gory past.

Make sure to visit the famed crown jewels exhibition here. Among the more significant items are the Imperial State Crown (still worn by the queen at the beginning of the Parliament session) and a gold rod holding a large drop-shaped diamond called the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross.

  • See the City from The London Eye – Formerly known as the Millennium Wheel, the London Eye, situated on the River Thames promises great views rather than a thrilling ride. It moves slowly in a circular path, providing you with amazing views of the Parliament and of the Buckingham Palace. How about taking the ride sitting in a private pod with someone special?

At night, the London Eye is illuminated with seasonal colors. Also, this giant Ferris wheel is the highlight of the city’s New Year’s fireworks show. So, you might want to plan your trip to London around New Year’s Eve!

  • Tour Buckingham Palace – The official London home of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace is the focal point of the United Kingdom’s constitutional monarchy.

The Buckingham Palace balcony is incredibly famous all over the world. The royal family utilizes the balcony to acknowledge the crowds during royal weddings and the Queen’s official birthday celebrations as well as to celebrate events of national importance. 

On the palace tour, you’d get to see the 19 State Rooms where the royal family hosts guests for state, celebratory and official matters. The State Rooms are luxuriously highlighted with chandeliers, large candle holders, paintings by baroque painters and well-crafted English and French furniture.

  • Visit Westminster Abbey – A church belonging to the Middle Ages, Westminster Abbey has touched the lives of many, including kings, queens, poets, and soldiers. Westminster Abbey has been the coronation church for ages and is the final resting place of over three thousand great Britons. This historical marvel has witnessed prayers, celebrations, and ceremonies. 

Among the must-sees at Westminster Abbey, especially if you are a  book lover, is the Poets’ Corner. This is the place where renowned authors, namely, Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling were buried. If the intrigue associated with the British royalty fascinates you, make sure to visit the shared grave of rivals and stepsisters Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor.

  • Wander around Camden Market – A diverse community of street food sellers and independent shops, Camden Market is open daily and is located in the heart of London. This vibrant market, functional since 1974, has more than 1000 places to shop, savor, drink and shake a leg! Furthermore, Camden Market has a lively body beautification community. So, you’d also find numerous piercing and tattoo shops here.

Camden features street food from global cuisines including pressed juice, Portuguese desserts, and sausage-sandwiches. There are plenty of stalls selling inexpensive jewelry and distinctive artwork to take back home. Search through timeless clothing racks, go for low-priced graphic T-shirts, or pick up a used book to read during your journey.

  • Visit Hampstead Heath – Spanning 320 hectares, Hampstead Heath is one of the biggest parks in the city. With rolling woodlands, grassy areas and large ponds, this lovely park is home to numerous species of birds and butterflies, bats, grass snakes and an abundant variety of flora.

The park gives you an opportunity to hike up to Parliament Hill which offers remarkable sights of the city. The park also has open-air swimming pools, so you might want to swim in the pleasant British weather.

If you love adventure, there are camping sites near Hampstead Heath. If you plan to reach these camping sites by car, make sure to hire a vehicle with a good-quality roof rack to carry your camping gear. You might want to purchase one from a leading brand at roof racks uk.

  • Take a sightseeing cruise along the Thames – The longest river in Great Britain, the Thames is the life of London. It has brought industry to London for hundreds of years. How about cruising along this historic river and taking in the city’s most popular sites?

While on the cruise, you’d pass iconic sightseeing locations such as the Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. What’s more, some river cruises run at night as well, so, you’d see these locations all lit up.

You’d also get meals and lavish dining experiences on board a few of the cruises. The Thames River cruise is most certainly a lovely and exclusive way to see the city while being surrounded by extensive riverside views.

So, now you know some of the best things to do in London. Plan your trip at the earliest and enjoy these activities!