5 Great Family-Friendly Activities to Try This Summer

5 Great Family-Friendly Activities to Try This Summer

Summertime is always a great time to enjoy yourself and do great activities with family. You can engage in many activities during summer, but you can do different activities each year. Choose activities from outdoor to indoors and have fun with your family, neighbors, and friends. Outdoor activities are always more fun and healthier. Here are the top 5 great family-friendly activities you can try this summer:

Road trip

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Road trips are always fun and good for making memories, especially with your family. Planning for a road trip is easy. You will need to rent a family car or use yours if you have one. You can also use some travel agencies to make your work easier.

Some travel agencies can go to the extent of helping to find accommodation at a discounted rate. You may also opt to go camping with your family. Visit places that you have always dreamed of taking your family.

For more fun, you can let the coin decide your destination. You first decide how many turns you can make on each turn or traffic light stop. Flip a coin to determine the direction you want to go. If it turns heads, you turn right, and for tails, you turn left. After reaching your predetermined number of turns, the final turn becomes your destination, and now you can explore it.


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Picnics are a great way to bond and have fun with your family. It is a simple activity that is budget-friendly. You will require some blankets, snacks or food, fruits, fresh vegetable salads, drinks, a speaker for entertainment, and some games.

You can have the picnic at a local park, picnic sites, or even in your backyard. Have some game activities to enjoy more. You can play football or some board games such as scrabble and monopoly.


Baking is one of the indoor activities you can do with your family. It will be interesting when family members gather and you show them how to bake and give each one a challenge. Baking is effortless when you have the right ingredients and recipe. You can learn together or teach them and have each family member bake something different.

The difference in baking could lie in the flavor, shape, or type. You could choose from baking bread, brownies, croissants, cupcakes, biscuits, and cookies. Flavors may vary from peppermint, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, banana, etc.

You can find recipes on the internet which are easy to follow. A homemade brownies recipe requires few ingredients, and it takes only 35 minutes to prepare and cook.


Painting is fun and you will be able to achieve something out of it, such as learning a new skill. You can choose from painting your rooms to outdoor painting. Each family member can paint their own rooms or decide to paint a room together.

Outdoor painting may include painting flowerpots and rocks. You can choose to play with different colors and see the outcome. You may be surprised with some of the color combinations turning out great.

After painting the flower pots, you can plant something new such as herbs like rosemary, cilantro, oregano, and mint in them. You could also try out finger painting.

Plant a Garden

Plant a Garden

Have you been longing to plant your garden? This summer allows you to do so, and you could use family help. Beautiful gardens are so breathtaking and add some magic to your yard. You can choose to DIY or buy kits online. Choose a planting theme for your garden.

An option is to subdivide each garden according to the number of your family and have each plant a different theme. One family member could plant a herbal tea theme, including herbs like chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm. Another fruit salad theme may include strawberries, peaches, and blackberries.

You could also choose to do it together with your neighbors. Choose a common ground since it will be a community garden. Community planting offers you a chance to connect more and have meaningful conversations with your neighbors. Each family to decide on a different theme or assign a theme to the same age mates across the various families.

Summertime is the best time with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Therefore you should make the most of it. It is the best time to do the five activities mentioned above with your family.