Mexico on a Motorcycle

11 Tips for Traveling in Mexico on a Motorcycle

Another way to know the impressive scenarios that Mexico offers us is traveling by motorcycle, the truth is that it is one of the best ways to get closer to landscapes that very few know, feel the adrenaline and emotion of traveling almost freely with considerable speed is quite an adventure, but it is much better when you go in the company of your biker friends.

This is one of the experiences that I have lived in particular and that without a doubt I recommend you to do it sometime, no matter if you live for example in Cancun, DF  or any other part of the Republic, just dare to live a new experience, to try one new way of traveling to know what is around you.

But before and during your trip you must be aware of some things, take certain precautions so that your trip goes very well and you arrive safely at your destination. So as a biker traveler and taking opinions from friends who are passionate about this activity, I share these tips before leaving …

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1. Plan the route of your trip

If you are going to throw yourself out on a motorcycle trip, it is best to make a plan about the places you will visit, how many days your trip will last, where you will sleep, at what time you would be leaving your city and you would be returning again. Here it is important to mention that traveling at night is more tiring and you run a little more risk, also that you do not enjoy the landscapes as much as in the day.

2. Do a mechanical overhaul on your motorcycle.

 This is very important! Going on a trip without even checking how your motorcycle is doing is the worst thing to do. Always, always check the brakes, your tires, the chain, shock absorbers, the filter, that the oil is not very worn and well leveled, the fluids, the fuel gauges, your mirrors in good condition and check if the directional signals work correctly.

Be careful: if you don’t know how to check all this, better take it to the workshop, so you will travel with more confidence.

3. Organize your luggage well.

Of course, you do not want to carry your whole house on the motorcycle, carry what you need in a suitable backpack, only take the clothes you need, your personal hygiene items and if you decide to camp somewhere take your tent or your sleeping bag just try not to make them too big to get in the way and overload your bike. It is a necessary tip so that your trip is lighter and more comfortable, also if you are going to take a co-pilot you must try to make both of them go as comfortable as possible.

4. Keep your documentation up to date.

Basic for any ride! And I tell you from experience, this is necessary because if something happens on the way, I wish it were not like that! Or if you get stopped by a federal or police of the municipality where you are for review, get out the first time and avoid the penalty of possibly taking away your motorcycle or having to spend more money. As long as you have your motorcycle license up to date, your registration card and a copy of the original papers of your motorcycle, you can continue your trip without problems.

5. Wear the right clothes and accessories.

This is necessary as it is for your safety and that of your companions. I start with the helmet, which is one of the accessories that you should not miss for anything in the world even if you are in the city, for long trips a closed helmet is much better as it covers you more; Gloves, jacket and pants are very important to use to protect yourself from sudden changes in the weather and falls.

And if you are looking for greater security there are protectors such as armor, knee pads, among other accessories that cover your entire body, both women and men can use them.

6. Eat and hydrate well before going out.

And not only that, he also sleeps well, any tired driver is in poor condition to drive, in this way you can avoid accidents and during your trip if you have been driving during the day take the night to rest it does not matter if it is in a hotel or if you prefer camping but do it so that you continue your trip with all the attitude. As for eating and hydrating well, it is important for your body because, believe it or not, you spend energy or make some stops in towns where you can eat, and you also take the opportunity to try typical food from other places.

7. Your health and physical condition should be OK!

Being in good condition to start your trip is essential, because if your trip will be long keep in mind that it can be very tiring, so if you are sick better postpone your trip since there are probably no hospitals or pharmacies that will take you out of trouble. It is also much more enjoyable!

8. Bring the necessary tools.

Sometimes no matter how much we send our motorcycle to the workshop or give it a thorough review, nothing can assure us that the tire does not get flat on the road or you need some adjustment. That is why I recommend that you take your basic tools and some patches or tire foam with you for any incident that may occur.

9. If you travel in a group, keep an eye out for the signs.

It is one of the main rules in motorcycle clubs and if you do not belong to any you should still do it if you travel in a group since these basic signs allow you and your friends to take care of each other, for example to prevent accidents and in case they happen some can help each other. So if you did not know them, learn them and teach your friends to put it into practice , they actually help you a lot and keep you alert.

10. During your trip… Make stops every few km!

It is necessary to do it to let your motorcycle rest since so many kilometers traveled the engine becomes too hot, and on the one hand it benefits you to stretch, walk a little, check how your motorcycle is doing and of course to take advantage and take some selfies with your friends and upload them to your social networks. “Traveling on two wheels is something unmatched”

11. And what I recommend the most: Enjoy your trip!

As I already said, another of the best ways to travel to get to know every corner of Mexico is by motorcycle. So take the opportunity to live this experience, dare to try that adrenaline that you feel , the air touching your skin and undoubtedly enjoying every kilometer you travel, if necessary make stops to take photos of the best moments and landscapes that you go through. 

Personally, each trip I have made I have enjoyed it a lot and more in the company of my friends, that whenever we can we go for a weekend in a group to visit towns near Cancun or traveling through the Riviera Maya . The truth is that I cannot tell you more because I would like you to live it, to feel that emotion, passion to travel paths that you might never have known otherwise.

If you are going to venture, please take into account the tips that I recommend, so you will enjoy it much more.