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Understanding the Three Stages of Film

To be able to do successful film production, the producers have to be optimistic. The process from the development stage to pre-production is a long tow. Usually, the hands-on producers need to multi-task and focus more attention on pre-production. The outcome of a corporate video shoot or a film is reflected in how well the pre-production process was managed.

When you watch a TV series or a movie, do you wonder how a complete episode was made? But actually, there’s a lot more to making a film or TV show than just the filming part. In this article, we will discuss the three stages of film production or a TV show or a corporate video shoot.

Stage 1 – Pre-Production

Pre-Production is the stage of doing the groundwork like research, planning, and preparation of film making. To begin with, the screenplay is done. At times, the screenwriter writes a script before trying to sell it; but sometimes, a screenwriter or producer also pitches a great idea he might have in his mind to a production company and then go ahead and write the screenplay. After the screenplay is done, the pre-production begins. For example, the main or lead actors are cast, the crew is hired, shooting locations are decided and schedules are made. At this stage, the budgets are also decided and coordination of background actors is done.

Then the costume designer and the film’s wardrobe department enter who design and make the outfits for the actors. The Casting Directors also do their preparation work to organize for production. Though this could vary from project to project, however, it involves casting the stand-ins or doubles and hiring the background actors and blocking their dates.

Stage 2 – Production

Of the three stages of corporate video shoot or film production, this phase is where all the actors have the main role to play. Yes, production means shooting of the film where the principal photography (filming) for the video or movie takes place.

This stage involves rehearsals, camera blocking, lighting set-ups, etc. Here, the lead actors, the background actors and even a variety of doubles play their roles. The assistant directors find photo or body doubles depending on the requirement. In the production stage, all the shooting of scenes, songs, etc. is completed.

Stage 3 – Post-Production

The final stage is a phase when the finishing and packaging of a final product is done. By this time, the principal photography or filming is completed. Now, editing of the movie or video begins. Along with that sound mixing is done and if any special effects are needed in the project, then they are added. At times, when the movie editing is taking place, the director might feel a need to reshoot certain scenes or maybe shoot some additional scenes. After the re-shooting and editing is over, various post-production crews bring in their finishing touches. Finally, when the director is satisfied with the end-product and feels that the film is completed, then it moves out of the post-production phase to distribution. This involves publicity marketing and selling the rights of a movie.

Now that you are aware of the stages of film production, you can begin your journey by finding the best corporate video production if you plan to do a corporate video shoot or film production.