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Twitter Marketing – The Definitive Guide for Beginners

Twitter in 2019 is one social media platform that you must have an account on. It is the perfect platform where you can have a real conversation with your consumers, and engage more with other people.

In 140 characters, it is hard to market your product or services, but it is not impossible. Why do we need twitter marketing, you ask? Well, because:

  • It has 321 million monthly active users, and I bet, most of your consumers make a huge part of this number.
  • Even your competitors are on Twitter, and you should too if you don’t want to lag behind.
  • And the most important reason of all is that twitter marketing does work. The engagement rate in 2017 went up by 50% while the cost per engagement decreased by 14%. So, you can market your product on twitter at lower prices.

How to use Twitter marketing for growing your business?

Make strategy

If you want to be successful on Twitter, you need to make a strategy, and ask these questions:

What goals do you have?– You want more followers, or you want to drive traffic to your site or something else. Each goal requires a different strategy.

How to measure goals?–  Setting a goal is not enough; you need a plan to measure that goal too.

What resources can you dedicate to Twitter?– Analyze your business, and see how much budget and manpower you can invest on Twitter. It is a key element if you want your Twitter to be successful.

Content Creation

Content will always be the king. If you want to engage the audience, write content that is unique and hard-hitting. You only have 140 characters, make it count.

Add images and visuals too to add more appeal to the content if possible. Use Canva to edit those images and find free stock images.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are Twitter’s version of paid advertisements. These can help you target a specific audience and feature your post in their streams. Don’t pay for every tweet, but for important content, it is a great option.

Twitter Moments

If you want your followers to easily engage with your tweets, use twitter moments. It classifies your tweets according to the subject and makes it easy for your followers to find the tweet they were looking for.

You can use Canva’s twitter templates to organize tweets into categories.

Add your Twitter link to other social media

To make sure that you Twitter marketing is more effective, add its link to your website and other social media platforms. It will help drive traffic from there to your Twitter.

Engage with your followers

In order for your twitter marketing strategy to work, you have to ensure that you engage with your followers. It is a conversational platform, and if you are not using it for communicating with your audience, you are missing the point.

Keep these tips in mind:

Interact with your consumers

If your audience is commenting on your tweets, it is important that you reply to them. Interacting with your followers is necessary to keep them engaged.

Don’t neglect the negative comments

Your twitter account will have both positive and negative comments. It is important to reply to those negative comments and help solve their problems. Don’t delete or ignore them, as it might make your followers angry.

Marketing tips for Twitter

Use these tips to get more followers and engagement:

Include a Gif or a video

A tweet with a gif or a video has more engagement than any other tweet. Canva can help you come with awesome gifs and other graphics.

Tweet at the right time

You don’t want to tweet at a time when your audience is at work or sleeping or won’t be checking their tweets. A study shows that between 3:00 p:m to 5:00 p:m is the best time to tweet.

Collaborate with influencers

Connect with influencers that are close to your niche and partner up with them. Even on Twitter, people love to buy things after an influencer says positive things about it.

Here’s hoping that this guide will help you use Twitter for effective marketing. It will help with increasing sales and building engagement.