Tips For Wearing Perfumes At Wedding
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Tips For Wearing Perfumes At Wedding

When you start preparing for the wedding season, outfits and your makeup or your look is the first thing that comes in your mind. We all are open to experiments and love to try new looks in order to look different from the rest of the guests in the wedding functions. However, when it comes to perfumes, very few of us pay attention to the details associated with it. Especially for the bride and groom, who are going to be the centre of attention throughout the wedding event and all the functions before as well as after the marriage ceremony, a good perfume is really essential.
The fragrance is not only giving a nice fragrance, but it also helps in keeping your mind, body, and soul relaxed, and making everyone around you feel at comfort as well. Henceforth, picking up just about any random fragrance that comes in front of you or you got in your wedding perfumes gift set online is not the right way to use the perfume. If you wish to rock in the wedding, smelling marvellous as well as making everyone wonder what you are wearing and why you are smelling so delicious, these perfume tips to wear perfumes in the wedding are a must for you,

What Kind Of Perfume Is Best For Weddings?

Fragrances for weddings are quite different from the ones that you usually wear on an everyday basis and to your office. It has to be fragrant, aromatic, mesmerizing, comforting, as well as strong enough to capture everyone’s attention wherever you are. You have to keep in mind that everyone will be wearing fragrance at the wedding and your Wedding Perfume should be able to capture the nose of anyone that comes around you or is in your vicinity.

You can go for the floral notes in the strong aroma, oriental perfumes with soothing notes are also a good option, and so are the woody notes with sandalwood, rosewood, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and such aromatic notes. Drops Rose by MPF, Orchid Noir, and Jasmine Noir by Creation, Lomani Original and Network 3, Chris Adams Black Shadow, and CA Classic Woman are some of the options that you can try out. They are easily available online in India on popular perfume stores.

Best Places To Apply The Scent:

Along with scent, applying it properly is also essential if you want to get the best benefits out of your scent. While getting ready for the wedding functions, avoid spraying your perfume randomly around the body as you do with deodorant sprays. Perfumes are much stronger and should be applied in an appropriate quantity. Spray once behind each ear so that whenever someone hugs you or comes close to you, they get a nice whiff of aroma. After this, spray once on each collar or neckline. If you are going to shave right before the function, spraying on the collar will help in avoiding burns and redness.

If you are wearing a necklace or jewellery around your neck, spraying perfume around your neckline or collarbone will be helpful. You can also spray once behind the back, as it will leave a nice trail of aroma behind you as you pass by. Apart from these pulse points, spraying once on each wrist will also help you in giving off a mesmerizing aroma. All these places are some of the best pulse points and they will help you in enhancing the fragrance as well as making it last a bit longer.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Perfume At Weddings:

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are certain dos and don’ts of applying fragrance on your skin for weddings. Keeping them in mind, you will not only be able to enhance your fragrance but will be able to enjoy it to the max along with people around you.

Avoid Spraying The Perfume On Your Clothes: Most of the wedding outfits are quite expensive and made of delicate fabric such as silk, chanderi, linen, and tulle and so on. These fabrics are quite fragile and can be easily damaged when they come in contact with your perfume. Spraying on these fabrics can also leave stains on them, which are pretty much unwashable. It is better to spray on your skin.

Apply Moisturizer Before Perfume: When you pay so much attention to details while dressing up for the wedding season, why leave the perfume. Apply an ample amount of moisturizer on your skin before spraying on the scent as it will help in enhancing the life or as we call it longevity of the perfume. Fragrance molecules are able to stick to the skin in a better way if they get a layer of adhesive.

Carry Perfume With You: This might sound absurd but when you are on for the marriage ceremonies, they can take a lot of time to get over. Keeping a fragrance with you in your purse or pocket can help in avoiding those unwanted sweaty armpits from smelling bad. You can find miniature fragrances and pocket fragrances online in India on popular fragrance stores.

You can also be the star of the show at weddings and all the traditional functions with ease by following all these simple tips. Make sure to grab a nice fragrance from an international brand with high fragrance concentration to smell marvellous.