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Skills That Will Make You A Great Designer

A great designer can change the whole game. Whether it is an app or a website, designers are important because they make the app or website look amazing, while making sure it is easy to use. With new designing areas, like animation and motion graphics becoming a normal thing for all industries, the demand for designers who know about them is increasing.

Whether the designer is required to design a logo or a website or an animated video, he/she should be an expert, because of all these things are important for making a brand identity for your business. These little elements make the personality of your brand, and you need a designer who has certain skills to make that happen.In this blog, we will learn about the skills that is a must for a beginner or an expert designer.

Let’s begin…

  1. Graphic designing skills

Graphic designing is the basic skill that all designers should know about. It is the foundation of complex designing skills like animation as the animation is making graphic items come to life. If you want to be a motion graphic designer, you need to have the basic knowledge about graphic designing as it can help you push yourself and create something unique and special.

Knowing graphic designing can provide you with a lot of opportunities to learn about the same is a good thing.

2.  Knowledge about design principles is important

If you want to be a great designer, you have to know about the principles of designing. They are not a list of rules, but general guidelines that ensure that your design is understandable, easy, and correct, and makes the user content and happy. The main aim is to make the customer happy, and if your designs don’t follow the principles, you will end up creating something that doesn’t fit.

It doesn’t mean that you have memorized the guidelines, know about them, and as you start creating things, they will be instincts guiding you to make better choices.

3. For a motion graphic designer, knowledge about animation is important

If you want to be a motion graphic designer, make sure you know a lot about animation or at least you are aware of its basics. You plan to make 2d objects come to life using motions, and for that, you need to know how animation can help you achieve that goal.

You must understand the areas that you need to emphasize on or ease out and so on.

4. Observe the world and be curious

A designer is great only when he/she has an eye for detail, and is curious about everything. You need to observe the world because it truly is filled with inspiration, and all designs need inspiration.

It is important, but you don’t have to rely on that completely. You can bring your twist to the design, but keeping an eye out for details is important.

5. Visualizing the ideas is important

 As a designer, you must have thousands of ideas that are unique and great. But if you are not able to visualize them through a sketch or a model, then it can be difficult to take them to the next level.

You need to know how to visualize your ideas so that people can understand them better. You don’t have to create a model for the same, a simple rough sketch where people can see what you want to do and how it can help is enough.

 6. You must have mad typography skills

 Typography is a big part of any design, and you as a designer need to have skills to understand what typeface works best with which design. You need to understand the virtual composition of a typeface and figure out the easiest typeface that can help a user understand the information that you want to convey.

7. Creativity

You need to be creative in your thinking and designs. It means that even if you know only certain facts about the brand or product you are working for, you should be creative enough to use that knowledge to create something different and unique.

8.  Experiment

A great designer will never shy away from experimenting with their designs. A designer’s work is not to come up with a solution instantly, but to come up with a solution that fits and works best for the brand and the product. That means you should experiment with your design a lot and stop only when you are sure that the design is perfect and will solve the problem.

9.  Be open to negative feedback

A designer is the one who listens to negative feedback and takes it as constructive criticism instead of coming up with an explanation. Sure, sometimes you are right, but if a user is saying that they do not understand your design, you have to come up with a design that users get and which suits the goal of the design too.

10. Don’t get impatient of focus only on the trends

A great designer needs to focus on the basics of the design and its theory. There are always new trends or tips and techniques coming up, instead of focusing on that, focus on the principles of design. When you focus on the latest trends or techniques, you tend to take shortcuts that can ruin the whole design for you.

Thus, you mustn’t take shortcuts. If a design is not looking good, don’t get impatient, work on it a little more, see if your basics are right, and you will get it right eventually.

11. Work with a mentor

We all want to improve, but for a designer, it can be hard, if they don’t know how to improve or to focus on, which part to improve the design.

That is finding yourself a mentor that helps you understand the flaws of your work. He/she can help you improve your work by focusing on the right technique or design theory. Have any more tips? Hit me in the comments below.

Bharat Negi
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