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Narrate Your Business Story On Instagram To Build A Connection With Your Audience

We all have heard of the aphorism; a picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram is a live example of this timeless adage. With over 800 million users, the mobile photo-sharing app is certainly the fastest growing and most popular social network in the market.

Instagram exclusively relies on picture and video interaction, which poses a few hiccups for some businesses. However, that one-of-a-kind visual focus also makes it an ideal medium for telling the story of your brand.

●   If you’re a fashion brand, you’re lucky. You can have a large audience and find people who are willing to draw inspiration from your story.

●   There’s no dearth of fashion enthusiasts and fashionistas on Instagram, and your brand story can not only drive them to buy your products and/or become your loyal followers, but also take a clue from you and start their own business.

●   Instagram concentrates on the visual catch or moment to capture attention. It inspires prompt decisions and action, a potential and possible goldmine for shoppers and social marketers.

●   It fuses visual imagery with hashtags, comments, and likes to proper powerful and engaging conversations.

●  It also links your account to other social media domains for greater exposure.

●  Concisely, a successful narration of your story on IG depends on discerning the right balance between relevance, promotion, and creative brilliance and expression.

Know the process

At the heart of every Instagram tricks and tips and best practices, the driving factor is customer experience. You need to know things that matter to your customers, your relevance and significance, and your product or activity that fascinates your customer.

● Each social network has some unique features. Since the followers and fans are different on each network, their experiences are bound to be different as well.

● While one follower agrees, another comes up with variations. Your Instagram post shouldn’t be a clone of your Facebook post and vice versa.

● It’s also crucial to develop and sustain a narrative. Instagram is a mobile, social and visual network.

● But that doesn’t imply narratives and plots are irrelevant and inconsequential. It’s just the opposite in reality.

● Plot will always be pivotal. You just need to translate it into a visual story.

● You decide the story and the imagery that encompasses your brand.

● You decide the videos and photos you need to share to tell your fashion brand’s story.

● You have to consider the best visuals that will resonate with you target audience.  You can get more followers from Gramista.

● It’s also very crucial to decide on the tone and style. While the narrative forms the skeleton, you need to add some flesh on it with tone and style.

●  Again, your brand will determine the tonality. It could be technical, serious, playful and casual, quirky, bold, tantalizing, and normal and highly sensitized.

Your baggage of emotions

While telling a story, you need to espouse emotions or it would be futile. A huge aspect of storytelling moves around the visual display, conjuring images and creating emotions and passions among your audience.

●  Before you tap on the Post button, you need to take a break and ask some questions.

●  Ask the kind of emotions will your picture or imagery evokes. See whether it can make your audience stand and stare, amuse them, tempt them to buy immediately, or inspire them.

●  Your clothing can pump up your audience. It can make them curious and tempt them to purchase your products.

●  You need to check whether these emotions are aligning with your brand’s image or not. You need to check the reasons behind their significance.

●  Also check whether your audience will continue to be a solid part of your brand story or not.

●  Engaging the imagination of your audience is also important. In addition to getting your message across the spectrum and evoking passions and emotions through compelling Stories, a deft storyteller will always take their followers on a trip via capturing their imagination.

●  When you tell your brand story, make sure you’re constantly propelling them to think.

●  The more they think about you and your brand, the more they will want to buy your products.

● Running a photo campaign is one of the best ways to tap into your followers and engage them.

All for the cause

It might sound superficial to some, but for a brand to grow and expand, it’s necessary for it to not just partner with, but to blend itself with customer accord that transcend product offering.

● Don’t shy away from supporting a cause. You need to know that Millennials instantly connect with businesses that support or foster the causes they are fighting for or care about.

●  More than 65% of Instagrammers say that the main reason to establish a relationship with a brand is shared values and aims.

● A whopping 75% believe that authentic brands are those that care and work for something bigger, greater and nobler than their capitalist bottom line.

● This could appear to be a marketing gimmick to you, but that’s how it works.

● Extra accolades if you can align your brand with a cause that your market cares about.

●  As a fashion brand, trying to know their habits and patterns as well. Include them in your story.

●  Using Instagram campaigns and contests is also mighty effective in this regard.

●  Photo competitions are an excellent way for brands to engage their clients.

●  You analyze the submissions from your campaign, which may help you in uncovering brand-new details about your target audience.

The art of visual storytelling

Whatever your niche, user-generated content is extremely important. It implores and fuels your audience to perform some heavy lifting. You can then post material for your most ardent followers and biggest fans.

●  Team leadership is another crucial aspect. Leading Brands thrive on exceptional leadership.

●  Lifestyle brands like Apolis or Global Citizen are socially motivated brands empowering followers worldwide. 

●  You also need to capture real-time trends. Instagram’s trending hashtags can send your content into the stratosphere.

You can add your take on large events and real-life trends as they are occurring. You can also join open conversations on Instagram.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.

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