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Latest Designs of Bathroom Tiles: Trends & Tips

Bathroom tiles are the pieces of hard-wearing material such as stone, ceramic, metal and glass. These tiles are used to beautify the walls, floor, shower area, roof by covering them. There are varieties of options available at different manufacturers. Natural Patio Pavers have become the natural choice for most of the paving requirements. The newly revised technologies have made the cutting, finishing, and transit, shipping, and quarrying quite up to a great level.
These exotic tiles are found in a large number in countries such as the United States. These beautiful stone tiles are prepared by mingling the advanced tools and technologies, prolonged experience and sophisticated skills. These high-quality natural stones look amazing when installed in the bathroom tiles.

Types Of Tiles For Bathroom

Your home bathroom is meant to be an attractive and hygienic place of the home. There are available many gorgeous and attractive tile options to enhance its looks. Though there are available many types of bathroom tiles to install, not all of them are meant for wet areas. There are a lot of things to consider while choosing tiles for your bathroom such as they should absorb the water quickly, the bathroom tiles should be anti-slip. Following are mentioned some types of bathroom tiles for your bathroom installation.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the tiles made of clay that are pressed and fired with high temperatures in a kiln to give them the shape of a tile. These tiles are less porous and are quite dense. Porcelain tiles are perfect for a bathroom as they absorb the liquid immediately, do not develop stains from water, durable, fire-proof, moisture absorbent, easy to repair and require less maintenance. These beautiful tiles are easily available in the market and come in a variety of shapes, designs, colors, textures, and sizes.

Ceramic Tiles

The other type of tiles best suitable for a bathroom installation is ceramic tiles. These tiles are absolutely best and highly recommendable for fixing in the bathroom. These tiles are versatile in nature and are not affected by stains caused by water or any type of liquid. Many people prefer ceramic tiles due to their multi-feature ability. These tiles have a large number of demand options, easy to maintain, water-resistant and anti-resistant against allergens.

Natural Stone Tiles

The natural stone tiles are one of the classic options to install in the bathroom surface. These beautiful tiles are absolutely durable and can be installed to floors and walls of the bathroom for a long period of time. If you want to add a sophisticated, elegant and beautiful look to your bathroom then natural stone tiles are the perfect option. The best and a variety of options of these tiles are available at natural stone supplier. They can get you to achieve any type that you are looking for at a great price.

Glass Tiles

These tiles are among the most crystalline and elegant tiles that can be installed in the bathroom. They look great when installed at the roof and the walls. They give a perfect finish and change the look of your bathroom as a whole.

Marble tiles

Marble is one of the most gorgeous natural patio pavers. You can get a customized package from the suppliers to make your bathroom look ravishing.

Other than these, there are decorative tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles, metal tiles, terracotta tiles, etc. You can choose the best for your bathroom by comparing their features and cost.

What Is The Latest Trend In Bathroom Tiles Design?

Picking tiles for your bathroom decor is not an easy task these days. There are available a variety of tiles of different types and designs. Bathroom tiles trend is not easy to specify as it keeps on changing as per the customer needs. With the advice of experts, the following are the latest bathroom tile design trends in the market. Graphic tile pattern: This pattern is highly in use and looks perfect on both walls and floor. Different amazing graphics are available that gives your bathroom a different and modern look.
Glossy and Matt finish tiles: These tiles are perfect to add a modern look to your bathroom. The look is too overwhelming that it has become one of the latest trends.

Neutral tiles in white color:

If you want a subtle look in your bathroom, this is one of the trendiest tiles these days. People are falling for white and grey colors.

Subway tiles with more Pizazz:

The three by six rectangle tiles is one of the latest bathroom tile trends. The tiles are added to the walls and floor in a traditional design pattern.
Wood planks for flooring:

If your bathroom has a separate shower area, then wood plank tile on the floor looks elegant and is quite trendy.

Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles

If you are planning your bathroom’s renovation then you must consider various aspects before picking the perfect tile for your bath area. You can focus on the following points to get the best one for you.
Sample before you buy:

Most tile suppliers display a sample bathroom by adding different types of tiles to it. It is good to visit the store and look at the available display.
Do your homework:

Before going out in the market, you need to consider a lot of things such as what look you want to add to your bathroom, what are the available suppliers, etc.

Choose the top three options:

After listing your preferences, you should reconsider the top three options. As you need to tile the shower area, wall, floor, and the roof consider the tile suitability for all the areas.

Choose a statement title:

It can be good if you can choose a statement title such as texture, color, pattern or shape. This is good to add a wow factor to your bathroom.

Conclusion –

Adding tiles to a bathroom requires a lot of things to look at. Whether it is about the trend, budget, type, natural stone supplier or any preferred supplier, etc all these things demand time and a perfect vision.

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