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How To Recover Lost Data From Formatted Pen Drive

Did you format your pen drive without taking any backup? You might be thinking you lost your data forever. This is the common issues that happened with most of the users in today’s arena. But it is not true. This is possible to recover lost data from formatted pen drive. All your files still reside on a pen drive until they are overwritten by new files and are recoverable. However, kindly refrain from using the USB drive any further, by doing so you will have a better chance of recovering the lost data.

Yes, you heard it right, You can easily recover your data from the pen drive even after formatting it. For this users will have to make use of SysTools Pen Drive Formatted Data Recovery software that could scan your complete pen drive repeatedly and recover back all your data safely without any data loss.

Recover Lost Data From Formatted Pen Drive With trusted Software

This is one of the most trusted and safe application to recover lost data from formatted pen drive. It offers easy to use interface that is helpful for technical as well as not technical both users. This software provides two different data recovery software Scan and Formatted Scan. You can recover your lost data separately. If your files are deleted or corrupted then you can choose Scan option. If you formatted data files then you can choose formatted scan. There are multiple other features provided by this software. All are mentioned below:

  1. Recover any size of data from pen drive without any limitations
  2. Provides option to recover selective data from pen drive, Usb drive, SD card and memory card
  3. Supports to recover data from pen drive, Usb drive, SD card and memory card
  4. Application provides advance search option to find specific data file
  5. This utility show live scanning report in a pop up window
  6. Option to save resultant data from pen drive to the desired location.
  7. Works with all versions of Windows Operating System.

Working Steps to Recover Lost Data From Formatted Pen Drive

  1. Download and launch the pen drive recovery Application in your system
  2. After launching, the software interface will be shown in the figure. Select your pen drive. 
  1. Select formatted Scan option to recover lost data from formatted pen drive 
  1. You will be capable to display the recovered data in the software panel
  1. Choose the file and hit on Save Button and save your file at desired location

Why Users Faced These Issues

Now we will discuss why users face these issues few common issues are mentioned below:

  1. In order to get rid of the severe virus infection on the pen drive, you might have to format it
  2. Accidental formatting the pen drive instead of formatting few other drive
  3. Occurrence of format error when pen drive is attached to system would force you to format the drive
  4. If pen drive is severely corrupt, then formatting it becomes imperative
  5. While changing the file system of pen drive like from FAT 16 or FAT 32 to NTFS you will have to format

In all the above instances if you don’t have data backup then, you will lose your important data. However, with the help of SysTools software you can get them back in just few simple clicks.

Final Verdict

The above solutions provided in this post are good but have many limitations. Use the best recovery software to get back all data without any loss. To recover lost data from formatted pen drive. Users can try SysTools pen drive recovery software.

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