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How to mold your successful career with Salesforce certification?

Salesforce has its primary focus fixed on CRM(Customer Relationship Management). But this one line doesn’t do any justice to this masterpiece. Before Salesforce CRM, CRM was a costly business that companies had to invest in, on their own. And wasn’t even paid much attention to. Salesforce CRM, with its years of experience, gave a new look to CRM.

Companies are all about customers. The importance of the customer and the impact customer relationship has on business has increased drastically. CRM has changed the whole lookout of it and has grown to be one of the largest concerns of a business company. The way companies

treat their customers, how they adapt according to their needs, how well they communicate with them, all these factors play a major role in deciding the future of the company.

With this astounding history and background, it’s fairly obvious that there is a lot of competition to work on CRM and also learn about them. And for this purpose, Salesforce provides a vast range of certifications for you. Depending on the career path you wish to follow, you can pursue these certifications and get a head start. So, if you are one of the aspirants and even if you are confused about these various certifications and career paths, stick with us and we’ll break it down for you.

Know its importance :

In today’s world, knowledge is everything. And the platforms and ways to increase and gain knowledge have grown tremendously. Completing a certification course is at the top. Our certification provides this exact opportunity to you and by undergoing it, you will boost your resume to unimaginable heights. Companies all over the world value of certification and trust the aspirants with a valid course certificate.

The simple reason being, the amount of knowledge and exposure you’ll gain is tremendous. You will discover various tools, understand different strategies and will be able to look at the situation through a professional’s eye. And after all this, the perks are beyond our expectations. If you’re looking from the salary point of view, take a look at the numbers:

 If you aspire to be working for top companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, HCL etc., possessing a Salesforce certificate will give you an edge over others. Take a look at the statistics :

The algorithm :

Now let’s quickly jump into the process. Before beginning anything, having a clear idea about it and planning it through is the most basic step. But luckily, we’ve taken care of this for you. If you are looking to build a successful career with a Salesforce certificate, just go through these following points: Fields, certifications and companies.

Identify your field:

It provides a wide range of certifications. Your most basic step is to decide which career path you want to opt for. With this platform being so wide and making use of cloud computing, the job opportunities and fields are uncountable. So, focus on your strengths and interests and choose a field. Once you’re sure of that, you can move forward to deciding the course.

Identify your certification:

Keeping in mind the diversity and various interests, Salesforce has come up with a number of certifications. The various certifications available are:

❏   For Administrators

❏   For Developers

❏  For Architects

❏   For App builders

❏   For Implementation experts or consultants

❏   For Marketers

❏   For Pardot experts

❏    For CPQ Specialists

It is broadly classified into two :

For administrators: Administrators play an important role, be it in any company. And especially in a company where Salesforce CRM is being used, the role of an administrator is of utmost importance and more than just a database or network administrator. You need to have proper knowledge of the business and constantly keep in touch with the customers. And for this, having a proper base and getting to know the dos and don’ts are of utmost importance. And that is why this course is divided into two levels :

❏   certified administrator: This is the basic level. And if you are a beginner, then this is the best choice for you. You’ll learn about the basics of CRM and Salesforce applications. And also, to configure and handle Sales and Service cloud applications.

❏  certified advanced administrator: This is clearly the advanced level of administration training. This is to be pursued after the basic level. And you must have a professional experience of more than 2 years. Which means, you must have some professional experience as a Salesforce administrator and know how to use these features and must have completed the basic course to be able to pursue this one, But after this course, the level of knowledge and the exposure you’ll gain is tremendous and you’ll easily be introduced to and preferred by many leading companies.

For developer: If you have some experience or inclination towards developing applications in various languages and if you possess the skills to customize CRM applications, then this certification is tailor-made for you. It provides three levels of courses or certifications, based on knowledge, experience and skills.

❏  certified commerce cloud digital developer: For beginners with immense interest and skills to develop e-commerce solutions using a commerce cloud digital platform.

❏  certified platform developer I: For individuals with some professional experience. With the basic knowledge, you should be familiar with data models, business logic, Apex etc.

❏   certified platform developer II: This is an advanced version of the previous course designed for individuals with a deeper knowledge of data modeling and coding abilities.

For a successful career, these certifications are almost a must. Choose as many as you like and undertake them. Completing these certifications will strengthen your knowledge base and also help you find amazing jobs with even better pay grades.

Thus, here’s your ultimate guide. However, finishing these certifications won’t be a cakewalk for you. You’ll have to dedicate a huge amount of time and give it you’re all. But the outcome will be worth all that. In terms of knowledge, exposure to companies, salary or you name it. Now you just need to find the right company for you and apply.

With these certifications and knowledge, you’ll definitely have an edge over others. And it makes it easier for the companies to notice you and gives you a fair advantage. Paving your own way has never been easier! If you are looking for a successful career in Salesforce, wait no further. Go through the points given and start the certifications already!