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How To Google’s Pixel Buds Translate 40 Foreign Languages

Google’s Pixel Buds can translate 40 foreign languages. This feature will help you in understanding foreign languages in real-time. Google’s Pixel Buds are one of the most popular and amazing technology transformations and you can see where to go technology day by day. Google announce about this product in 2017 event and Google’s announcement of this Pixel Buds has made a big shock in the technology world.

Use of the Pixel Buds is very easy because you just have to fully charge them and that provide you its best service with a secure and comfortable feel. Also, you have to check this A Tube Catcher Error 204 for detailed info.  We put all the audio control buttons into a touchpad of earbuds therefor you can’t see any buttons on the outside surface of the buds. Simply swipe forward or backward to regulate volume and play or pause your music. The best about the Pixel Buds charging and storing them is easy to put into a pocket-sized charging case that provides you up to twenty-four hours of listening time.

However, there is a lot of android mobile company which putting a headphone with it but people require more and more best sound quality and audio system headphone. Now to fulfill people’s requirement Google make an entry on the ground. So here we will give you all of the information you need about Google’s Pixel Buds before you decide to buy them for yourself.

Google’s Pixel Buds:

Google always keep trying to do something different. This time it came up with a very useful idea with a musical punch. Do you know why I used word musical punch? So want to tell you that Google has unveiled the Pixel Buds. With the help of Pixel Buds, you can enjoy music, talk to your friends and the most important and useful feature of this Pixel Buds is that it has a universal translating feature. This translating feature has the ability to translate into 40 languages.

Google has already Google translator which can translate 40 languages as per your choice. So Google doesn’t have to work really hard for this. With the help of this feature, you’ll be able to use the Pixel Buds to have a conversation across 40 foreign languages. Moreover, with the help of Pixel Buds, you can take a call quickly and reply to someone very easily.

How does Google’s Pixel Buds work?

In order to use this feature, you need to have Pixel Buds and the Pixel 2 smartphone. For using it you need to download this feature on Pixel 2. Now you need to choose the language you understand and the language you want to translate. Once you are done with it you’ll get a pop message on your screen. Actually, it explains to the other people that you are using an app, and how does it really work.

For example, If the other person speaks English into Pixel Buds, asking “hi, how are you?” at that time the other side Pixel 2 phone spoke, the equivalent Spanish language: “¿hola, como estas?” This text also displays on the screen as well if you are in a noisy place. Here, if someone speaks a foreign language into your phone that converts your desired language and you can hear the translation with the help of your Pixel Buds.


No doubt Google has made a remarkable device. This device will bring the world together until now language was a big barrier which was stopping people from communicating with each other in different countries. With the help of this exceptional feature, anyone can understand the language of the other people if he’s not speaking English or any other language as per their country.