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How To Find The Best Web Design Studio: 5 Tips

I am sure that if you decide to update or order a website for your company, then you need a web design studio that will perform high-quality website design. Let’s take a look at five different but very important aspects of finding a decent web designer.

How to find the best web design studio: 5 tips.

It can be an exciting experience to find a Web designer. You can find a freelancer to do the work you need, or you can contract with a design agency. Or maybe you want to attract a web designer to your team permanently. It all depends on your priorities.

If you are a web designer and want to show that you can do high-quality website design, then this article will also be useful to you, as it will improve your portfolio.

The portfolio contains examples of responsive designs.

It never ceases to amaze me that many designers still don’t include their responsive website options in their portfolio. After all, it is impossible to say that a designer can perform high-quality website design and create a responsive design if this is not mentioned in the portfolio. 

Of course, there is a possibility that the designer mistakenly did not include this part of his work in the resume, but they also remain the possibility that he does not know how to do this at all. Which is weird and unprofessional.

The Internet is such a flexible environment that it works successfully both on microscopic media and screens, and on huge ones. 

The portfolio mentions research done.

Any design project should include some kind of research. The findings will help you step in the right direction. The studies may vary and there is currently no unified design. For example, research might include user interviews, A / B testing, analytics and metrics, heat maps, heuristic scoring, scenarios, questionnaires, etc.

The portfolio showcases the communication skills of a web designer.

Design is a message to a greater or lesser level. And a web designer is mainly concerned with communicating with clients and then returning to communicating with the target audience of the site. Therefore, it is very important to reflect your communication skills in a portfolio.

A designer’s job is not only about presenting a finished design project. A finished website is a high-quality final product, on the way to the creation of which the designer constantly has to communicate with the audience through case studies.

The portfolio illustrates the design process. In my opinion, the best portfolios consist of case studies that show the process of working on a project. They often reflect the points that made the design attractive, interesting, or even challenging. This job description will allow the client to form an opinion about how the designer or agency works and thinks. 

The correct presentation of the project process will also say a lot about the communication skills of the designer. It will show that the designer can solve the assigned tasks, and the description of several projects will show that you can find diverse solutions. Some studies may contain short excerpts about the research or how responsive design was important to a particular project. 

One of my favorite examples in this area is the work of the well-known agency Focus Lab. They are famous for sharing the stages of their work and the process of developing a web site design. Any of their projects is divided into several sections, each of which explains in detail the task and ways to solve it. One section shows how the agency developed several logo concepts. The following shows the development of general site design. And so on. The story is accompanied by many images that illustrate the design process.

The website design is of high quality. Conclusion.

I hope this article will help you decide what to look for when choosing a web designer. The same approach can be applied to design agencies as well. It can also be useful for designers themselves who need to organize their portfolios. Either way, these tips will help you differentiate the best designers from the rest.

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