How Podcasting Boosts Your Following
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How Podcasting Boosts Your Following

Without a doubt, Podcasting is currently one of the biggest social media platforms. With the growing number of audiences daily, Podcasting could be one of the effective ways to increase your following. Faced with the challenge of a highly competitive social media world, this platform presents an opportunity for your following.

What Exactly is Podcasting

Started in 2004 combining words of then-popular Apple’s iPod with broadcasting,  Podcasting is basically an online service for users who would like to listen to audio files with an array of topics. It’s similar to a radio station program that makes use of the internet as a platform.

A podcast can also be considered as and audio form of blogging.

Grow Your Brand With Podcasting

Podcasting may not be new, but this is considered one of the most in-demand contents from the internet. The most popular podcasts in the world can actually draw millions of audience per episode.

This only shows that podcasting can boost your social media influence and followers in general.  Here’s how Podcasting can help you boost your following.

Now’s the best time to be a podcaster – It’s a popular platform, but most likely, it has lesser competition. That could be an advantage with your brand as you can podcast for all types of audiences. May your business be about sales, marketing, emerging technologies, or career.

Huge numbers are not really the key here; if your aim is to build your name on the industry where there are only 5,000 people, 1,000 active listeners are enough to make you relevant. 

  1. Podcasting is not expensive

You also don’t need to spend that much upon launching your podcast, at least not yet. The initial investment includes getting the right equipment to do the job such as :

  • Microphone and adapter
  • Headphones
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Adapter Hubs

  Other expenses include podcast hosting, software licenses (if needed), music licenses,

etc. Equipment is normally one time purchases, but there are recurring expenses like hosting which can be as low as $12USD per month. 

  • Podcasting builds significant connections

A podcast is considered as a useful marketing tool to build an audience and boost your brand. A 2017 statistical report conducted by Edison Research stated that 24% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, and listeners listen to five various content per week.

Podcasting is a powerful medium because the message is conveyed to the market more effectively with listening to ads as compared to just reading.

  • Podcasting expands your network

                Social and community relationships are important to your brand. Having a regular

podcast program creates the opportunity for you to invite relevant people in different

Industries. And when they guested to your show, it also sends a message that they are

willing to be part of your network.

And as you consistently podcast, your audience should grow also. And once you have

enough followers, you can begin promoting your other businesses through your channel.

  • Podcasts boost your contents

Most often than not, you may have had to fill some gaps in your content which you probably didn’t saw before. Podcasting can help you fill these; you can make a discussion program that tackles your content and opens up a possibility of attracting more listeners. 

You hit two goals here right away; your content gap is solved,  then you can update and expound the topic as well.

  • Your attention to detail improves

Since you need to prepare for your next podcast, your tendency is to research and study

further other content-related topics. You can boost your following by observing also

other podcasts related to your industry.

Be on the lookout for three or more shows that have the same niche as you. Focus and

listen to their podcasts and take note of the things that could work or not.

Pay attention also to your podcast’s comment section. If you have time, answer their

questions, reply to their comment, share more useful information related to the

concerned podcast. By being a sincere listener and helpful, you can convince potential

followers coming from the audience.

  • Podcast is mobile

Most blog posts are not conveniently accessible to the users. In reality, you need to have

free time to read a  blog. That’s why podcast content is popular because any listener ,

can listen to any podcast, anywhere and anytime.

People take the bus, subway, or walk most of the time. Staring at the screens of their

phones to read is not really a pleasant experience. The answer is to create more

Podcasts that people can listen to at these times. Give your audience a commute

friendly source of entertainment, news, and information, and that is a sure way of

boosting your following.

Study the trends, the latest, and the most helpful tips you think they need. From there, create an on the go content type of a podcast. And in between these contents, mention or promote your blog, store, or other social media accounts.

Make it a point to tell them that your podcast is only some of the interesting things that you can share with them, and there’s more of it on your other platforms. Remind your listeners that you have more to offer.

  • Collaboration project with other podcasters

Grow your following by regular podcasting, interacting with your audience on the comment sections, and linking your other platform. This approach, however, is limited to traffic growth within a certain range, specifically the audience that regularly listens to your podcast.

To boost your following, one proven way is to collaborate with other podcasts that are either directly or indirectly related to your niche. niches to your own. By collaboration, you both increase your following with exponential growth. 


Podcasting can provide a boost to your following. In the social media, and content era,  community building, network, and collaboration is important to your career. Podcasting is also one of the proven methods to improve your presence with the audience, build relationships with other influencers, and benefit your other platforms.

Always remember to link your podcast page to all your platforms. Invite your followers to listen and check it out. Capitalize on the features of social media to promote your work, and make sure every link redirects to your own site. Check out Karaoke Bananza for our reviews on microphones to choose from!

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