How Can I Lower My Cable TV Bill? guest post
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How Can I lower My Cable TV Bill?

Most cable subscribers feel they are already paying exorbitant prices for their cable TV service. In fact, according to this study by LRG, American cable subscribers pay an average of $100 for cable. This stature may vary based on your contributor. For example, I used to pay around $80 a month in the beginning for my Spectrum offers. But a year later, I was paying around $100 anyway. Take it from me, $1,200 a year is no joke.

So what should you do? Many people think there’s no way to reduce cable bills. But that’s not actually true. The following steps can help you cut down on your cable costs and save money:

  1. Trim Down Premium Channels
  2. Cut Down Set-Top Boxes
  3. Know Your Bill
  4. Let The DVR Go
  5. Switch Plans
  6. Bundle Your Services

Let’s take a closer look at these tips below and see how they help you cut down on your cable bill.

Trim Down Premium Channels

We all love our daily dose of HBO and other premium channels that offer the best original content on cable. It can be hard to make the decision to let them go. But if you do, you can easily cut down as much as $20 on your cable bill per channel.

But what about my shows, you ask? Don’t worry, you don’t have to permanently say goodbye to these channels. Time your cancellation according to the shows you’re watching. For example, I canceled my HBO subscription when Game of Thrones wrapped up, but I intend to subscribe again when the new spinoff show starts airing.

Cut Down Set-Top Boxes

It can be very tempting to hook up every TV in the home to your cable service. Each TV means an additional set-top cable box, which can cost you anywhere between $3 to $12 per box. The more set-top boxes you have, the more they add up to your monthly cable bill. So you’ll need to make the tough decision to reduce the number of cable boxes in your home to the bare minimum.

Know Your Bill

Too many of us make the mistake of just paying whatever amount appears on our monthly bills. This is not a recommended course of action when you’re looking to save on your bill. When you get your bill for the period, take some time to talk to your provider’s customer service reps. You need to question every fee that appears on your bill. While some bills like state taxes and fees are mandatory, but others are still avoidable.

Let The DVR Go

This is the digital age. If you miss an episode of your TV show, you don’t always have to depend on your DVR to record it. These days, most stations offer recent episodes on-demand on their official websites or streaming service. If you are subscribed to a particular cable channel, you can likely access the recent episodes using your cable service credentials. That means you don’t need to keep the DVR around as additional equipment which costs money every month. Let it go and replace it with a standard digital receiver.

Switch Plans

If you think you’re overpaying for your cable service, then maybe its time to look at your needs objectively that the average American adult only watches a total of 20 channels, while most are subscribed to over 200 stations. If you can pare down your channel lineup to only the ones you absolutely need, you can save significant money. And since you weren’t watching the extra channels anyway, you won’t miss them at all. So if your provider offers a different, cheaper plan with the channels you need, go for it.

Bundle Your Services

Internet and cable service providers often bundle their services together to make them more convenient and cheaper for their customers. If you can, try bundling an internet service with your cable. Just be sure to only bundle the services you really need. You don’t want to subscribe to 1Gig internet if you’re just going to be streaming on Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix.

You don’t want to subscribe to the full premium channel lineup when you don’t need them. Just because Spectrum dealshavea great price doesn’t mean its great for my needs or yours. If none of these tips work out for you, you can always cut the cord and switch to internet only entertainment.