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Here are the top 6 things you can work on to make your girlfriend happy:

You know it’s going down when your girlfriend is either silent or giving you death glares, telling that she is hurt and going to show your mistake. Sometimes, the fight can be pretty lame, as the reason is. However, sometimes, the fight can get really serious, where the girlfriend becomes so hurt that she sees no option, other than leaving. Do you want it? No? Then make sure you try each and every way listed below to stop that from happening.

1. Make her laugh

Humor has quite an important place in a relationship, especially a romantic one. If you just know how to make your girlfriend laugh, even if she doesn’t feel like it – then you have to power of bringing her back to normal. Tell her some funny stories about you back then, some funny jokes to which she hasn’t resisted smiling before, and let her forget the anger she was feeling.

2. Apologize to her with Flower

Florals are known for their healing, medicinal properties, along with them being extremely pretty. With today’s developments, as you can even have flowers delivery France, you know you can get the blooms on time. If your girlfriend has gone away from you to cool off, send a reminder of you and your love to wherever she has gone. Make sure you have delivered the flowers which she absolutely adores, so that it adds extra points for care and affection and of course, for remembering.

3. Send her gifts

If she is inconsolable, you know what to do – you will have to resort to materialistic things, such as presents and gifts. Perhaps a best romantic gift basket to France would do, or perhaps, just a box of delicious chocolates would suffice. It all so depends on the way you fought. Was it a little skirmish at home, or a real, ending-in-breakup fight? Decide your gift accordingly.

4. Show your love

Let her know that even if you have made a mistake, you are ready to mend it, to become a better person as well as to show that you love her and would do anything for her. It is surely vital that you give her the space and time she needs to come out of her phase, but let her know that you are there, waiting in the wings, so that she doesn’t think you’ll bail out on any minor inconveniences. Don’t tell her about your love, show it!

5. Talk it out

Girls always love a guy who will tell them how exactly he is feeling – and it wouldn’t matter if she is angry with you at the moment or not. Trash out the complaints and resentments and put it on the table, instead of sweeping it under the rug. It will do both of you some good and even reduce the possibilities of fights in the future.

6. Keep Smile and Hug her

Getting angry yourself and lashing it out on her, so that you are actually making a raucous – is certainly not a good idea. Listen to her, tell her to talk, ask her to calm down, and when she is done, smile at her and engulf her in a big warm hug. It will be better than saying ‘I care for you’ or even ‘I love you’. Hug her tightly, because nothing pleases a girl more than that. However, don’t force it. If she doesn’t want to be hugged right now, don’t push it.

Some of the foolproof ways where you can make your girlfriend come back to you. These methods will let her see how genuine you are, as a person and in your feelings for her – she will come back to you!

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