How to Make Memorable Home Videos
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Editing Family Videos: How to Make Memorable Home Videos

You’re hoping to create memorable home videos for your family to enjoy, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Well, there’s an art to it. While no one is saying you need to create Oscar-winning pieces, you can refine your work. The following are a few tips to help you figure out how to create impressive home videos.

Good Editor

First, you need to use a good video editor. It’s best to start with an editor that’s simplified everything for you. There are more complex editors, but these can take the fun out of everything. Complex editors give you more freedom with your videos, but they’re also incredibly challenging to master.

Editing should be fun, but if the program is too confusing, you might get a headache. Look for something simple that will get the job done for you. When you’ve gotten better at this, you may want to upgrade if you feel you can take on the challenge.

Shorten Your Clips

One main problem folks run into when editing family home videos is they keep too much footage. Yes, everything you experience is special. You should keep the videos you want, but when you’re trying to make a short film, you need to cut some clips.

It’s difficult for people to pay attention to one long video. If you think it’s important to keep something, learn how to speed up a video so that it plays faster and can still be shown. There are lots of ways to enhance videos by speeding up or slowing down certain parts of a video and they are not difficult changes to make. Speeding up a video is a nice trick for those who don’t want to cut those precious images. Don’t speed up too much though; just use this for those few clips you know are a little long.

Add Your Music

Music should be a big part of your editing process. The mood of the scene is helped by the music you choose. Now, this doesn’t mean the music has to play non stop throughout the video. Talking, voice-over, and silent moments are important and add to the atmosphere you’re trying to create. As you add music, play your video to see how the music plays with your clips.

Be sure to control the volume of the music you play so that it doesn’t overpower the clips. Every song doesn’t need lyrics; consider downloading a few good instrumentals, and be sure to add a few sound effects as well, especially if the sound quality of your videos isn’t great. If you used a smartphone to record, then this might happen often since phone recorders aren’t known for quality sound.

If you have high-quality sound in your video then you might only need to add music for dramatic effect occasionally. Don’t feel obligated to have music in the background the whole time, as this can end up being more distracting and detract from your video rather than enhance it.

No Bells and Whistles

Some people like to use strange transitions or cute effects. Well, those are not necessary when you’re editing. Having squiggly lines modify your videos from time to time or adding fancy transitions may seem like good ideas, but they aren’t.

You want your videos to be natural and look professional by cutting and snipping out unnecessary parts but also not adding in weird effects and video production techniques that are outdated and overrated.

These additions will distract viewers from the video they’re watching. You want your viewers to get lost in the moment with you, and strange effects or transitions can remind folks they’re outside of the action. This could disrupt that magical feeling you’re trying to promote.

Adding Some Great Pics

Chances are you’ve taken some great pics and want to add a few of those to your home videos. This is a good idea, and it’s part of the fun of editing these videos, but make sure you add them at the right time. Ideally, you want to add them at the beginning of your home video, but you could also add them at the end.

You could place them in the middle, but be sure to create a natural pause, and let the pictures act as an intermission. Do not spread the pictures out throughout the video. This is distracting and removes the magic your videos are creating. When you flash pictures on your home video, make sure you allow them to stay for two to three seconds. Any longer than that and it’ll feel like the pictures are lingering.

Now, you’ve got the tools and a simple guide to help you edit better family videos. Don’t be afraid to break your editing work into a few days because doing a good job takes some time, and that’s okay.

How To Make Memorable Home Videos
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How To Make Memorable Home Videos
You’re hoping to create memorable home videos for your family to enjoy, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Learn How To Make Memorable Home Videos
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