EARN FROM HOME: Ideal Products To Sell Online During The COVID-19 Pandemic
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EARN FROM HOME: Ideal Products to Sell Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I wish the world goes back to normal,” everybody says today. Truly, this COVID-19 pandemic the world is experiencing right now is making everything difficult in many ways. 

The life everyone is used to having is on hold while they fight against the COVID-19 is still on-going. Companies, schools, businesses, operations — in all fields and industries — have been adversely affected. Most of them are currently closed while many are offering limited services. 

You might be one of those business owners who are currently struggling to keep the trade going. You might be an employee of a firm that paused all processes due to a lack of customers’ physical presence. You might be a university student paying some fees for your online classes. Earning money in this time of pandemic is definitely challenging, right? When quarantines and lockdowns are implemented, you cannot go anywhere you want to so you can earn.

As you wait for everything to get back to normal, realize that you can also use your time at home to earn money without leaving the house. Being wise and willing is a must. You will notice that because of this pandemic that lets people stay at home, online buying and selling have become a huge necessity. Thinking of ways to earn during this crisis, do not lose hope; you can go online selling!

Actually, you can sell a lot of things, but you have to be smart, knowing what people need today. To help you begin your online selling business (or continue if you already have one), here is a list of suggested ideal products to sell during this COVID-19 pandemic! Check them out, and see what you might be able to sell!


First and foremost, start with the top essentials of consumers today. Go for items that all use to protect themselves from the disease-causing Coronavirus. 

Face masks are very important. Stocks in supermarkets and convenience stores have been running out due to high demand. Some consumers are hoarding which is quite a disadvantage for other buyers and an insensitive act too. 

Find reliable suppliers of face masks that are of high-quality yet can be sold at an affordable price, so people will not hesitate to buy from you. Surgical face masks are the most ideal since they are sought-after, being the most recommended type of face mask to safeguard oneself from COVID-19.

Aside from face masks, face shields are also good products to completely cover one’s face, preventing any droplets like saliva from getting onto the face. Many consumers are after face shields because of the total protection they offer. These face shields are partnered with face masks as well. 


Hand washing is needed to ascertain that you keep yourself healthy and clean — no viruses attached! Aside from that, among the common necessities to have sanitized hands during this COVID-19 pandemic are alcohols and hand sanitizers. 

Just like the case for face masks, stocks of hand alcohol are running out too because of high demand. Look for a dependable supplier where you can get good-quality and safe alcohol. Know that it must have at least 60%-70% alcohol to disinfect. 

Consider the types of bottles for the alcohol you will sell. There could be gallons for refills. Some are just the handy ones like those with sprays, flip-top caps and to-press features. A currently popular sanitizer machine is the nano mist sprayer which allows you to use alcohol without needing to press the top to spray. 


Not everyone can buy food outside during this pandemic, and their supplies might be in danger. How about selling sacks of rice? 

Rice is very important, especially since it is a staple food in Asian countries. Delivery for this business must be well-thought. If you are personally bringing the sack of rice to the customer, then you might consider targeting only those consumers nearby or until a place you are willing or allowed to reach. On the other hand, if you are fine with opening the online business for any place within your city, you might need to hire professional delivery services. 


People are craving their favorites out there, yet they cannot even step out of the house due to many COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. If you are a business that can satisfy their food cravings now, you’re the best! 

Bread and pastries are the most common cravings people have. As you may have noticed, a lot of online businesses selling various kinds of pieces of bread, cakes, cookies and other sweets have been rising today! It won’t be corny to join them!

If you have your oven at home, your skills and your ingredients, baking and cooking these precious delights are possible! If you do not have the abilities though, you can ask your sister or mom who loves to bake or cook, so you can do a collaboration: your fresh business ideas and their awesome kitchen skills!


When people are working from home, cleaning the house or having online classes, they might be too busy to spend a lot of time cooking and preparing food. That’s why many go for ready-to-cook meat!

Show them your marinating skills by selling ready-to-cook meats! They could be stuffed chicken breasts, sausages and processed meats, homemade beef jerky, pork tenderloin and many more! Let them eat their food like they are your dear visitors inside your own home!


One of the foods many people miss eating because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fresh seafood cannot be skipped from this list! 

Since there could be a limited supply of fresh seafood in their favorite vendors in the market, it could be your chance to help them get fresh seafood to their plates! Unless you have your own pond, nurturing fresh seafood, you should wisely contact and hire a genuine seafood supplier. Take the news online that you are opening your own online seafood shop!

For deliveries, make sure they are all clean and well-packaged. Make sure they get to clients safely.


Maybe you have some clothes which you no longer use yet are still usable and beautiful. Why not put them on sale as pre-loved clothes! 

Of course, you have to choose those which are presentable and functional. Do not sell clothes that no longer look fine for others to use. When you sell your pre-loved clothes, assure customers that they are well-sanitized and packed before sent to them. This is to keep them trusting your business while you work honestly. 

Since people cannot really go to malls and clothes stores out there, so clothes shops online would have high demand. Not only brand new clothes are loved but also the pre-loved ones!


Think of products that people would need to veer away from stress. They include potted plants and succulents! Many have become plant moms and plant dads during this pandemic, no kidding!

Because people are just at home, spending more time to decorate their houses and nourish their garden, plants are also bought by many! Having plants at home is a nice way to calm oneself and be productive. When you sell them, you are not simply earning for yourself but helping others to relieve stress too!


During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is an edge to be wise in thinking of a way to obtain money while you are at home. Without a doubt, online selling is one of the best ways. 

As you start or continue your online selling business, again, see to it that everything is well-sanitized before handing them out to their buyers. Also, pay attention to the superiority of the products. The rates by which you sell them should not be over the reasonable prices. Be understanding of some restrictions faced by everybody, so as much as possible, enable easy-to-access modes of payments.

If aside from the above-mentioned products, you have thought of others, do not be hesitant to try them out. There are countless possibilities, and these are just some! Of course, you should be careful, so your business will operate and profit well. 

Work honesty and earn honestly. And it’s up to you whether or not you will continue your business even after this crisis. Just bear in mind that even though this pandemic is a struggle, you should make money cleanly. 

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Nicole Ann Pore is a resident writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia. She is a Communication Arts graduate, Cum Laude, from De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines.