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Branding through Bakery Boxes — Some Useful Tips

Whether you are running a home-based baker or have a thriving baking business, investing in branding is a must. It helps you make your venture successful and build rapport with the customers. These days, the packaging is considered an important element of branding that can’t be ignored. In fact, you can smartly utilize your product packaging for branding and marketing. Make your bakery packaging boxes, a reason that your customers would want to come back to you over and over again. How you can go about this? Here are a few tips!

Choose a Chick Box Style

Instead of going with the bland and typical cake, donut and pastry packaging boxes, think about a box style that would make your custom bakery boxes stand out among the competitors. You can look out for trendy packaging boxes or have them customized according to your own style and specifications. However, make sure that the style you choose provides support and protection to your bakery items. The box should be easy to carry and a delight to look at.

Have Exciting Text Printed on the Boxes

Instead of giving out nutritional and other information about your bakery products, keep the box text exciting and interesting enough to instantly grab the attention of the buyers. You can name your products distinctively and have catchy FAQs about a cake, donut or croissant printed on your custom bakery packaging.

Window Bakery Boxes

Window bakery boxes with your bakery’s logo and tagline would definitely make the customers remember your brand. These boxes also make it easier for the customers to view a product and delivery staff can also ensure that a cake or other product is safe from crumbling during delivery. These also make the most amazing gift boxes, so they have an array of perks.

Brand Story on your Packaging

Having a short and inspiring brand story printed on your bakery boxes would make customers want to know more about your business and offers. You can have a pictorial story printed on your boxes as well, as picture surely can say a thousand words. Think about other interesting ways of expressing your brand’s story and use it on your packaging to leave an impact on your customers.

Changing your Packaging Design at Regular Intervals

Customers always yearn for fresh and innovative. You can change your packaging design at regular intervals to keep them hooked to your bakery brand. On festive occasions like Christmas and Easter when people buy more bakery items like cakes and cupcakes, you can give a whole new look to your custom printed bakery boxes. Use the interactive text on your packaging for your customers to tell them how much they mean to your business. This is likely to get you repeat and loyal customers.

Promoting Brand Values through Packaging

Every brand has certain values that differentiate it from others. Having these values highlighted through your packaging would effectively assist you in building a unique brand identity. If for instance, purity of the ingredients is what your bakery business stands for, have that mentioned interestingly on your custom boxes to let people know that your cakes, croissants and other items are healthful.

Choose your printer wisely and make sure that the material and finishing options for your packaging are according to your product and branding requirements.