Top Telemedicine Apps In India

Top Telemedicine Apps in India

Telemedicine is a set of communication tools, an app-based online treatment that delivers healthcare services remotely. Telemedicine is redefining the doctor-patient relationship to a new level across India today. People are resorting to online consultation with doctors for treatment and prescriptions of medicines. There is no distance barrier, and easy access to healthcare in the virtual mode is capturing stakeholders’ attention like never before. Immediate medical attention can be meted out to patients via a telemedicine app. As per Mckinsey’s report, India can save up to $10 billion by 2025 if telemedicine services could replace 30 to 40 % of in-person consultations. In this blog, we will read what are the top and popular telemedicine apps in India.

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Practo is India’s favorite, number one telemedicine app for doctors, and patients,. It has over 5 million installs by now across India. The very app allows access to a wide network of clinics, doctors who give online consultations to patients across India. Practo is considered India’s number one app for doctor-consultations that allows users to select any specific area-based specialty clinics, gets the booking, and connects with a doctor for consultation on the time allotted. The user or the patient can have a direct chat, or call, with the doctor. This telemedicine app takes the help of  Google Map to identify doctors that are available in the nearby locations of a patient.

Navia Life Care

The Android-based telemedicine app Navia Life Care is a widely installed app amongst users across India and is a digital health start-up. The very app has recently introduced a video consultation service in the name of Naviae-Consult. There is the further integration of the app with Navia’s Smart EMR platform. Under this platform, doctors create and provide digital prescriptions during their direct conversation with patients(online consultation). Thus, patients who get consultations can now receive digital prescriptions on their mobile phones only. They get prescriptions on their app as well as on Whatsapp. They can also order medicines as prescribed by the doctor, via the very telemedicine app. Navia Life Care telemedicine app connects patients and doctors where privacy is protected, as in-app video calling feature supports privacy when a doctor can  directly call patients on personal time


Meddo is the telemedicine app that has over 10,000+ installs by now, throughout the country. Meddo serves all the patients’ needs, right from health records, doctor-search, order for tests/test conducting, medicines and varied packages are also available. Meddo has partnered with India’s top doctors and licensed medical practitioners providing dedicated healthcare services under one roof,i.e. one app. The app provides consultation with doctors, nutrition and lifestyle consultation and related packages, lab testing facilities, and varied health services that are remotely based.


mFine telemedicine app is India’s top one as it shows more than 2 million downloads already by now. It offers massive 24 hours AI-powered telemedicine app-based services like doctor-patient consultation, video calls, audio calls, etc. mFine telemedicine app connects over 30 specializations for AI-powered consultancy services. Patients can have direct calls(audio/video) with doctors and the latter have specific tie-ups with hospitals, clinics, etc. across the locations included in the app. A patient has to pay for booking an appointment over the app, but he or she needs not pay again for follow-ups. Digital prescriptions are provided on the app itself. Diagnostic tests at home are also available via the app.

 Doctor On Demand

With one million installs by now, the Doctor- on-Demand telemedicine app is another favorite amongst the Indian people. This app is a dedicated app for a total virtual care service to patients irrespective of their location and timing. Doctor-On-Demand app connects patients face-to-face, online mode, with licensed doctors, board-certified healthcare providers, licensed therapists, over live video on mobile phones or tablets. The very app provides preventive care, chronic care services as well as behavioral health disorders. The app-based services cater to the treatment of urgent-care needs, like cold&flu, UTIs, IBS, migraines, allergies, yeast infections, depression, anxiety, and many more. Patients can procure an immediate appointment in an emergency, however, a scheduled appointment allows them to choose their doctor or the provider.


Telemedicine apps are a reality now across India. Indians are now preferring online-based consultation with doctors rather than going directly to them in a healthcare clinic or hospital. Even doctors need not have to meet patients directly in physical mode(and that’d save them to contract any infections especially in these COVID times). The aforementioned apps are available in Google Playstore where an easy-to-download procedure facilitates the telemedicine procedure smoothly. These telemedicine apps are providing expert consultation to patients anytime, anywhere in India at a  very reasonable cost.


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