Top 8 Devices to Buy This 2020 for Your Smart Homes

Top 8 Devices to Buy This 2021 for Your Smart Homes

Technology is advancing at such a fast pace, that without making a conscious effort to stay updated, we may not be able to take proper advantage of it. Most people will check out the new phones in the market or the latest cars. The home section is ignored by many. There have been noteworthy developments even in this section in recent times. It is worthwhile to keep updated about the smart device developments for homes. These can add to the convenience and quality of life. Yes, you may have been living without these until now. But, there is no reason to continue to do so in 2020. Get some or all of these smart devices and enjoy your new smart home in the new decade 

Smart video doorbell

Let’s start with the entrance to your house. A home cannot be smart without adding a chic technological touch to the entry. There is a lot of scope and different devices available just for the door, but here let’s focus on the smart video doorbell. When someone presses this doorbell, it chimes according to your settings and sends alerts to the connected smart-phones. You can use these phones to see who is at the door. These doorbells offer varying angles, as well. You can watch live video. Some smart doorbells offer you a recording option and also allow you to create a database of the most frequent visitors.

Smart lock

Since we started at the door of your dream smart home, let’s continue from there. The next smart device you should look into is a smart lock. Imagine not having to worry about carrying keys or lost keys anymore. These locks are operable through smart-phones. With a smart lock, there are connection options like Bluetooth or wi-fi. You can even give timed virtual keys to people you trust. Some locks can be controlled from anywhere, and some allow connections to your virtual assistant.

Smart light bulbs

The first thing people do upon entering a house is fumble with the light switch. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could control the lights with your phone, an app, or through virtual assistants? Imagine not having to remember to turn them off. These lights switch off according to your scheduled timers. Even if you forget to set the timer, you can remotely control the lights. These are also smart in the sense that they are energy-efficient.

Smart plugs

From the topic of lights, let’s move on to smart plugs. These allow you connections to virtual assistants and remote control options. With these plugs, you have the solution to devices in your house that aren’t smart yet. You can connect your old appliances to these plugs and use voice control. While we are discussing plugs and devices, we have an additional tip for you. When you need to use more devices than your wall offers receptacles for, consider getting a right angle power strip. Power strips allow you to use more devices, and with their long flexible cables, they also help you cover the distance between your device and the electrical receptacle on the wall. We would like to add a word of caution here. Never connect one power strip to another one to avoid overload. Be smart about home safety.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers are excellent for those who crave the company or visually impaired people. These are also handy for homemakers. These perform various functions and allow control through voice commands. The speakers offer multiple connectivity options. These are reasonably easy-to-use and therefore suitable even for the most technologically-challenged people. Children, as well as the elderly, find these useful and entertaining.

Smart display

There are smart displays for those who prefer to see results rather than hear them. These are virtual assistants with a screen. A smart display usually has a touch-screen. You can use it for a variety of functions, including watching videos or making video calls. Smart displays are similar in appearance to tablets or digital photo-frames. You can use it like a tablet or a digital photo-frame at times.

Smart TV

These are possibly the most popular of all the smart devices, with one of these in most modern homes. Smart TVs offer a multitude of functions and advantages over a regular TV. You can browse the web or play games on these. These allow you various connectivity options. You can connect a smart TV to your smart-phone and control it remotely.

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat offers you the luxury of controlling the heating air conditioning system of your home with your voice or through your smart-phone. You don’t have to leave the comfort and warmth of your bed to adjust the temperature. Some of these have remote temperature sensors to read the temperature of the containing room and adjust the temperature accordingly. These are a few smart devices that you can use to add a stylish touch to your home. Who needs a genie when we have all these brilliant devices at hand? In the new year, stay ahead with these amazing inventions and keep an eye out for more.   

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