Free PDF Combiners to Use in 2022

Top 7 Free PDF Combiners to Use in 2022

Combining numerous PDF files into one document is a great way to save time! Indeed you would not want to overwhelm the accounting department with several PDF files because managing and sorting them all is extra work for you.  Combining PDF files online saves your time and effort in tracking down the document if you have printed sections of a report in order to separate different PDF files from MS Word.

How will you combine them all into one PDF file?

These questions are especially relevant during the tragic pandemic of COVID-19. This is because one of the few positive results of so many of us working from home is that we are going paperless than ever before—which means PDFs. Fortunately, some online tools allow you to combine and edit PDF files that you submit. Possibly, your documents contain crucial data that you do not want to share with anyone. So, what to do? This is where the role of a top-quality PDF merger comes into play.

Want to know the best PDF combiner online? Here you go!

top seven free PDF combiners to use in 2022.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is another authentic PDF joiner tool that combines PDF files. It also allows you to edit, combine, convert, split, and compare PDF files with just a few mouse clicks. But sometimes, it can be challenging to navigate. Plus, you need to subscribe to the Pro version to avail helpful features.

  1. Merge PDF

With a stylish and user-friendly interface, provides you with the ideal PDF combiner for all devices. You can join two or more PDFs with this top-notch PDF merging tool with only a few clicks. To combine your PDF files, simply click “Choose files,” upload your target files, and then click “OK”

And this robust PDF merger will take care of the rest. Furthermore, it is also an excellent PDF splitter, cropper, and rotator that helps you manage PDF files effectively. With its industry-leading algorithm, it is easy to use and considered one of the best PDF merger apps.  Most importantly, this impressive tool does not contain any watermarks. With this magical gadget, you do not need to worry about your document’s quality.

  1. Soda PDF 

Soda PDF is a good tool that you can use from anywhere for joining PDF files online.  To use this online PDF merger, you have to select and upload the PDF files you want to merge from your device, Dropbox, and Google Drive. After that, you can rearrange the files and then click “Merge Files” to get your desired results. But in the free edition, you cannot rearrange files. Also, it does not contain PDF encryption.

  1. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a free PDF merger to combine PDF files. Your PDF editing activities, such as PDF merging, editing, and converting, will be as simple as 123 with this PDF application. But there are two main problems in using this PDF tool.

  • Non-availability of OCR support
  • The signature on the trackpad needs some alteration and improvement
  1. PDF24

PDF24 is another free online PDF merger with no watermark. With its assistance, you can drag and drop PDF files and pages from various files to upload them, and then it will take hold of your documents. You can also use this online tool to rotate, erase, or relocate pages flexibly if you need to change your pages before merging. But only with a legitimate email address, you can use this tool. And it lacks pro editing and formatting options. 

  1. Small PDF

It is a useful online PDF merging tool with a wide range of editing and combining options. You have to upload your file and hit the “Combine” button. While using this technology, you come across multiple ads on the UI. The free edition has limited features.

  1. Hi PDF

This is another helpful PDF merge online program available for free download for both Windows and Mac users.

You can quickly combine, split, and even crop PDF files with this PDF merger. Other features of this tool are editing, producing, and converting.  Combining several PDF documents is crucial for sharing, saving, and organizing vital files. The top PDF mergers, as stated above, will make it simple to merge and edit your PDF files.

Three surprising benefits of using online PDF combining tools

Let’s have a look at the advantages of merging PDF files.

  1. Combining PDF documents make it easy to share files

If you need to handle multiple documents daily, merging them into a single PDF file is wise. For example, an article editor receives many document files from the writers’ end. 

Instead of adding multiple files to your email and sending them to the layout team, you should merge them into one document and submit it all at once. That’s why; it is the most convenient way to manage multiple files. You wouldn’t have to attach them one by one or send them in separate emails. You will save more time and energy if you combine them.

  1. It helps you manage documents precisely 

Another advantage of merging PDF files is that it makes it easier to organize your documents. For example, if you are a finance officer at a bank and have to establish a folder and preserve all the documents, you should craft a folder to save these files. Documents can be printed more quickly.

  1. It assists you to print documents efficiently

One of the effective ways to prepare a doc file for future printing is to convert it to PDF. However, if your PDF files are saved separately, you may spend more time printing them. It will be easier to print all your relevant files if you have merged them into a single PDF. 

Because technology can be complicated for some people, even if it is now a part of their daily lives, having a single PDF file for all of your key documents is the best way to ensure that you print them completely