Top 6 Book Cover Design Trends of 2019

1. Use of Collages:

The use of collage is another book cover layout phenomenon we can experience in 2019. Collage will be used by the developers to convey tactile sensation. Collage will also be used to offer a distinctive, different and original feel to journal pages. This is also a helpful method for summarizing a book’s material and thoughts at once. Collage is a flexible style that can be applied to various designs. This, therefore, promotes developers to discover more innovative opportunities. The designer can experiment with more shapes and textures combinations.

2. Use of letters drawn by hand:

You can go for digital illustration and throw a hand-drawn scratch to bring more enthusiasm to your book cover. The hand-drawn book cover design is one of the most popular patterns seen. Everything is developed from writing to numbers and motifs in a manner that gives them a real feel.

Mostly this is intended either to contain the publications of children or to contain them with the motivational material. With the growing tendency to incorporate images into graphic design, by pursuing this pattern, the library pages will surely be intended more.

3. Use of Bold Letters:

In developing distinctive visual patterns, including library pages, typography has always been a vital component. For the previous few years, bold typography has been in use. There is no justification for slowing down this pattern in 2019. The developers will proceed to use courageous typography to attract the imagination of prospective visitors and clients. In reality, courageous typography will be used forcefully to capture the eye of the spectators. Remember that if our gaze can see the words immediately, a novel can draw exposure. That’s why most of the novel pages use typography.

The developers are going to depend more on the capitalized fonts. Such fonts become a library design declaration. It is also anticipated that even less famous writers will have book pages built across the shelf in large fonts. We can say that the emphasis will be on organic touches to make the picture more vibrant. Clean typography has been the creators ‘ objective so far.

4. Use of Real photos:

Instead of inventory pictures, genuine pictures will be preferred by book cover developers. These pictures are going to be from the occurrences of lives. Such pictures assist writers and spectators to create a connection. The developers will use people’s real-life pictures as a manner to evoke emotions.

More developers rediscover photography’s powerful points. This is because there is readily accessible high-quality photography. Thanks to smartphone ##s’ extensive use! As a result, inventory photography is gradually slipping back from the drawings. Real individuals and incidents pictures have largely substituted inventory photography. The top of the novel talks entirely about the novel genre and how strong it will be in its tale. Usually, such coverings increase readers ‘ hopes.

5.Minimalist Cover Designs:

Graphic designers now tend to create simple patterns that everyone can immediately understand and this technique is being included in Graphic Design Courses. So, as a manner to model library handles, they choose a minimalist strategy. You will discover journal labels in tiny numbers that only have the title of the novel and writer listed in the label.

Then there are comics with only one picture and one color on their pages. This is unlike the book covers that once laden the entire surface with patterns and letters. On the contrary, the minimalist mode of architecture enables you to concentrate only on one key component.

Another characteristic of minimalist book cover designs is that the cover contains plenty of white space. To generate a focused feeling, this is achieved. The developer thus draws the viewer’s concentrated focus on one aspect that portrays the book’s key material or narrative.

6. Detailed Cover Designs:

The last most intriguing tendency in the illustration is to add incredible detail. The book covers are created using the most detailed graphics that enhance even the light of a mini light lamp to add a unique touch. The value of such comics is obvious, and it shines beautifully in every angle.

A splash of colors is present on such covers with most enchanting font styles and balanced alignment. Such covers outshine competitors conveniently setting the bar higher. Each cover unfolds a beauty and adds an unmatched flair to the book.