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Top 10 Best Android Apps 2021

Ten amazing apps that you probably don’t even know existed and a lot of them are also free to download. We genuinely think that every one of these apps is fantastic, no matter how many downloads they have. 

1.   All Video Downloader by AhaSave

All Video Downloader is an AIO downloader app from AhaSave. It helps you to download any videos in any available quality easily. No internet is no longer an issue because you can watch any video offline once you download them, any time, and anywhere you want Save All Video Downloader comes with various features such as multi-threading to simultaneously download multiple parts of the videos. The next feature is the file manager, who effortlessly manages your files and downloaded videos from the app.

2.   Beta Maniac

On the play store, some apps have a beta program that you can join so that you can get the newest features before it gets released to the public, If you use beta maniac, it’ll scan all of your installed apps and quickly tell you which of your apps has an open beta program and can even join it within the Beta Maniac itself.

On top of that, some of the play store apps limit the number of people who can join their beta program, so once they’re full, you can’t participate unless some users leave or the developer expands the limits. Beta maniac will scan the beta programs periodically and send you a notification once a closed beta program opens back up, which is extremely useful.

3.   Personal DNS filter

Suppose you’re annoyed by apps or websites having intrusive ads or want to protect your privacy by blocking malware tracking, phishing, etc. In that case, you can use a personal DNS filter to block any ads and filter out unwanted hosts within your apps or websites just by allowing it to make a VPN connection and making sure the enable blocking is checked. The app will block those unwanted scripts, and you can also whitelist apps to support developers who aren’t overusing pop-up ads. The best part about the Personal DNS filter is that it’s on the play store, entirely free. These type of apps usually tend to get removed from the play store.

4.   Colorize

Colourize is suitable if you’re going to want to pull out your old family pictures because it will let you turn your black and white photos into a colorized digital image. You will need to press and hold the record button. It’ll scan, crop, and colorize the photograph and then you can save it to your device or share it. It works like magic and works well. It also has unlimited photo colorization, and you can save or share your colorized pictures as many times as you’d like. Just keep in mind that the app does have a three days trials. You will need to buy the subscription to keep using the app and supporting the developer.

5.   Tap, Tap

If somehow you are also owned an iOS phone or have tried to use an iPhone, one of the cool features within ios 14 is that you can double-tap or even triple-tap the back of the device to launch a particular task. Android phones don’t have this feature, but you can download an app called tap tap.

Example usage of it is you can set your phone to launch google assistant when you double-tap the back, and if you double-tap it again immediately after, it’ll launch another task such as switching to your last-used app. You can even enable a triple tap action to launch something like the camera app or quick screenshot. Within tap tap, you can customize the actions with certain restrictions, such as when the screen is off because that would be annoying or even change the sensitivity of the gesture. It’s not available on the Google play store, but it is still free to download off GitHub.

6.   Wavelet

Most of you are using headphones to listen to music, but you may not be getting the full audio listening experience. The stock android doesn’t even have an equalizer, so you can’t even optimize your sound. Even if it did, there are so many headset models out there with a simple equalizer with a few presets that still wouldn’t give you the best quality possible. That’s why you should try wavelet since the app supports over 2700 pre-calculated presets for specific headphone models within the app, so once you’ve connected to your headset, wireless or not, an option will pop up called auto EQ.

You’ll be able to search for your headphone model, and if you find it, your sound will be a lot more neutral, canceling out any manufacturer-specific preset equalization. You can try it and see if the sounds will have a much richer tone than the default manufacturer set-up. If you like to increase the bass or get more effects, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase to access all features.

7.   Access Dots

Moving on,  an app for your privacy. Do you know that the apps can use it silently in the background whenever you grant an app access to your phone’s camera or microphone? It’s kind of scary. That’s why access dots is here. It puts a dot in the top right corner of the screen whenever your camera or microphone is actives in the background. The green is for the camera, and the orange one is for the microphone.

8.   Super Status Bar

Necessary and straightforward if you ever wanted to customize your status bar. The best way to do so is with the super status bar. This app adds a ton of useful features to it. For example, you can change the brightness or volume level by just swiping left or right on it. You can peak at your notifications without having those obtrusive heads-up pop-ups. If you are an OG android user, you will remember this from the android lollipop days. Another usage case is Super Status Bar also can change the status bar’s theme, such as having it look like iOS, Samsung’s One UI, MIUI, etc.

9.   Tetrd

Have you ever want to share your internet connection between your phone and computer? Tetrd is the best option. You can try tethering by just enabling USB debugging from within the developer options and connecting your phone to your desktop with a USB cable. After that, download their server application to your pc, and then within the app, press the connect, and voila, you can choose your preferred tether mode.

It enables you to browse the web on your computer using your phone’s mobile data, or you can scroll through Instagram on your phone using the wi-fi connection from your computer. Tethering is perfect if your carrier doesn’t allow you to have an unlimited hotspot or if your phone cannot connect to your wi-fi. Still, your computer has a stable connection since it’s connected via an ethernet cable.

10. DontKillMyApp

The next is the answer if you are ever wondering if your phone is silently killing apps in the background whenever you lock your phone or how fast and frequently it kills your apps. A benchmark app called don’t kill my app will let you know if your phone is overkilling background tasks. 

Once you start the test, you shouldn’t charge your phone or use it until the time is up; otherwise, you may not get the most accurate results. You can tweak the settings if you prefer a shorter test, and once the test is done, you’ll get a score. The closer to 100, the better since it’ll indicate that your phone is doing a great job of handling background apps; otherwise, if you have a low rating and a ton of random white space in the graph, you’ll know that your phone is overkilling. If that’s the case, the app will let you know how to limit background restrictions.

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