Convert EMLX Files Into PST File

Techniques To Convert EMLX Files Into PST File Format

The EMLX files are also called Apple Mail email files because they are usually created using the Apple Mail program for macOS. EMLX files are plain text files that only store an email message. Microsoft Outlook is a versatile account and efficient in use. Most of the companies practice Outlook for an experience. However, many other email clients are becoming more popular every day. Sometimes users need to import their email from other email clients into Outlook for many reasons. It’s not an easy process. MS Outlook saves your emails in PST file format.

However, as we know, Apple Mail stores email in the EMLX format. And sometimes Apple users need to access their email in Outlook. But for that, they need to import their Apple emails to Outlook or convert EMLX files to PST.

Why Do Users Convert EMLX Files Into PST File Format?

However, there are many reasons for users to convert EMLX files. some reasons are mentioned here, due to which the EMLX  files are converted into PST or another file format.

  • If there is an error in accessing the EMLX files then users need to convert EMLX files.
  • In the situation of, EMLX files get corrupted or damaged users need to save their EMLX files to another file format.
  • When setting up an account is removed.

Approach to Convert EMLX Files Into PST File Format

Whenever it comes to switching any files to another file format, users always prefer the manual method first. So here we will discuss some manual methods to Convert EMLX Files into PST File format :

  1. By, Windows Live Mail 
  1. First, launch the Windows Live Mail application on your system.
  2. Now, click on the file option.
  3. After that, select emails which you want to export from the export section 
  4. Pick, Microsoft Exchange as the export option and click on the Next button.
  5. A pop-up window will appear on the next screen stating that all email messages will be exported to MS Outlook.
  6. Now, you can export all email folders or a specific folder as per your need.
  7. And Click on the OK button.
  8. When the export is complete, click the Finish button.

 Method 2: Using Drag and Drop Method

  1. Launch, Outlook account in your system.
  2. Now, click on the file option.
  3. After that, click Open & Export >> Import/Export button.
  4. Then, you can select the import  Emails & addresses option.
  5. Now, select outlook express and click on the Next Button.
  6. To complete the process click on the Finish section.

Drawbacks of the manual method

Users have a lot of knowledge to do the manual process. Despite having a lot of knowledge, there is always causes some problem, which has been explained below here :

  • Major loss of data can occur during the process.
  • In the manual method, Email attachments are not exported to an Outlook account.
  • Due to tricky steps, this method is very tedious and more time-consuming.
  • There is no data integrity and no data security in this method.

Professional Method To Convert EMLX Files into PST File Format

After facing many problems with manual methods, users should use professional tools to avoid all this trouble. The professional tool is a very good alternative if you want to save time and avoid the loss of data. Therefore, this professional EMLX Converter Tool is the most trustworthy tool to convert EMLX files to PST file format. With the help of this tool, users will not only change from one file to another various files format such as EML, MBOX, JSON, MSG, MHT, HTML, TXT, PST, OST, CSV, MHTML, DOC, DOCX, DOCM PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, and PDF formats and also Execute Bulk ELMX Conversion at a single time.

Wind Up

Above we discussed the strategies of both manual and professional methods. Where we saw how many problems users have to face in manual methods to convert EMLX files into PST file format. That is why we have explained professional tools to get rid of manual method issues. This professional tool can be very beneficial for users if they want to avoid a lengthy process. 

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