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Mobile Health Tips, Why You Should have a Portable Health Device

Trying to balance your work life, family, and following your fitness schedule can be overwhelming. Your health has a crucial role in your productivity, and you should aim to find ways to maintain it even with a busy schedule. One way of maintaining good health with a busy lifestyle is having a portable health device. There are numerous portable health devices that can help you stay healthy on the go. Here are some portable health devices that can help. 

  • Portable Health Devices

Portable health devices are becoming more versatile with numerous applications such as respiratory, reproductive, cardiac, fitness and wellness. Technological advancements are paving the way for new devices that enhance the mobility of patients at home or in hospitals. These new devices are more reliable, affordable and consume less power making them more accessible. Portable health devices rely on wireless technology and low energy consumption to be efficient and provide maximum value to patients. As a result, devices are growing in immense amounts across the world today.

The Cypress Smart Visual Sensor, Cloud Server and Mobile App

Developed by AltumView Systems, the system is designed especially for senior citizens to act as a medical alert system. The sensor tracks the patients’ activity using a powerful AI chip that utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms. Healthcare workers or family members can receive notifications in case of emergencies.

The sensor aims at protecting the privacy of its users and uses stick-figure animations to visualize the incidents instead of actual videos. The sensor has multiple features that improve the patients’ safety, convenience, and ease of use. They include:
• Gesture recognition
• Face recognition
• Geo-fencing
• Daily activities statistics
• Voice calls

  • Sanitizing Travel Wand

This portable hand-held travel want emits UV-C light to eliminate viruses and bacteria on surfaces. It has a compact design, and you can easily fit it in your backpack or purse. The wand is chemical-free, and you only need to sweep it over a surface for about 30 seconds to get results. 

  • TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

This remote exam kit from TytoHome can perform a basic medical exam. It can also link with your doctor for remote consultation, diagnosis and prescription. The kit comes with a thermometer and digital camera. Other accessories include an otoscope for ears, a tongue depressor, and a stethoscope. 

  • Portable Metabolism Tracker

Lumen is a portable metabolism tracker that measures your metabolism. The device is Bluetooth-enabled and has a CO2 sensor that measures the CO2 in your breath. It can show you whether fats or carbs are the source of your body’s fuel and give you nutrition recommendations. 

  • Wireless Smart Glucometer

This Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System is made by iHealth Lab Inc, and it’s approved by the FDA. It measures your blood glucose level, which you can view from your smartphone. Other accessories include ten lancets, ten testing strips, a lancing device, a control solution, and a carry bag. 

Why You Should have a Portable Health Device

Portable health devices give you faster access to healthcare and providers. You can easily schedule an appointment and save the trip to the hospital by getting all the information from your home. Portable health devices also improve communication and coordination between patients and healthcare providers.

Healthcare providers can easily monitor patient conditions and get notifications in case of emergencies. Patients can use portable medical devices to improve adherence to medications which helps to increase their safety. Features like refill reminders and automated medication ensure that patients take medication correctly. There also are devices that can monitor a patient’s blood sugar, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. The technology would alert the individual to calm down or eat something that could stabilize their body. 

Having a portable health device could be life or death for you and your loved ones. With that in mind, the real question is what are the reasons you should not get one? The fact of the matter is that portable health devices can only help a person’s medical situation and may even prevent them from not taking medication, missing a doctor’s appointment, and even death in the worst scenarios. 

Health Tips to Keep in Mind on the Go

Remember that each tip below is dependent upon the individual and those that may have disorders such as Diabetes, Anemia, etc. may not apply. However, if the reader does fall into one of these categories, then they should look into their own unique regimen such as carrying a piece of sugar or something high in iron, etc. With each person comes different qualities and even deficiencies they may have to answer to, but here are some common healthy options for the everyday traveler. 
• Plan ahead for meals and snacks
• Eat foods that are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals
• Cook in batches take meals in small portions
• Drink a smoothie
• Pack healthy snacks and carry them with you
• Avoid beverages high in sugars and drink water instead
• Ditch the elevator and take the stairs
• Try simple home exercises
• Meditate and practice yoga
• Get adequate sleep