How To Download Pinterest Video On Android

How To Download Pinterest Video On Android

Pinterest has billions of users, and since they share ideas in the form of photos and videos, it allows you to upload, share, and download images. Everything else works for videos too, but Pinterest doesn’t allow you to download videos from their platform. You have to rely on a Pinterest video downloader tool to do so. 

Pinterest has its user base, and some people may find it confusing, but once you explore it, you are going to love it. There is a great opportunity for businesses also on Pinterest. Many businesses are onboarding Pinterest to find their target audience. 

As Pinterest is such a popular platform, it happens very often that you like a pin, and you wish to save the pin on your device. If the pin is in the form of an image, then there is no issue. You can click on the image and save it from there only. Pinterest allows you to download images directly from their platform. As we discussed earlier, you can not download a pin if it is in the form of a video. Pinterest doesn’t allow you to do so on their platform. Although Pinterest doesn’t allow you to download videos, it is not impossible. You can download your favorite videos on Pinterest to watch them whenever you want using a third-party Pinterest video downloader.

You can search on Google to find platforms that let you download Pinterest videos for free. There are many platforms out there. You need to be careful while using these platforms, as there are many fake websites there also. On some websites, you will find too much bloatware that ruins your experience on the website. You must be careful about the malicious website out there. 

We have selected a platform that allows you to download your favorite Pinterest video for free. We have used it, and it works just fine. You can download as many videos as you want in a day. There is no premium membership, so the website offers all the features to the users for completely free. The Pinterest video downloader website is known as Keepflick. 

You can visit this website to download your favorite videos from Pinterest in a very few steps. The user experience is good on the website. You will not get confused while navigating on the website for any feature. The best part is that it takes less than a minute to download your favorite videos here. Although it is very easy to download videos using Keepflick, we are going to list a step-by-step process to make your task even easier.

You can follow this easy guide to download any video that you like on Pinterest in only a few seconds. Read the complete tutorial and give it a try, we think you’ll find the platform to be useful for you. The tutorial is meant for Android devices but works just fine on other devices too.

Step: 1 

The first step starts with opening the Pinterest application on your Android device. If you do not have a Pinterest application for Android, you can open Pinterest on your browser. 

Step: 2

Search for the video that you want to download on Pinterest using the search bar that appears in the application. You will get many videos in the search results. You have to select and open the specific video that you want to download using Pinterest video downloader

Step: 3

Click on the share option on the video if you are using Pinterest mobile application. You will get an option to copy the video URL to your device’s clipboard. Click on that option to copy the link for the video. If you’re using your mobile browser for Pinterest, you can copy the link directly from the address bar itself. 

Step: 4

Open any browser on your android device, and visit from there. You will be redirected to Keepflick’s website. Once you’re there you can click on more downloader tools in the right hand side of the navigation bar. A dropdown with the option to various tools will pop out, you have to select the “download Pinterest video” option.

Step: 5

You will be redirected to Pinterest video tool. There you will find a box where you can paste the video URL. You have to post the video link there in the box. Now select the format of the video. You can select your favorite mp4 video format from the options.

Step: 6

After selecting your favorite video format, you have to hit the download button, The video will be downloaded and save on your device. The downloading time may vary depending on the size of the file and your internet connection.

These were the simple and easy steps to download any Pinterest video that you like for free. You can check out Keepflick to download videos from your favorite social media platform for free.