How To Download Linkedin Video On Android Mobile

How to Download Linkedin Video on Android Mobile

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform for professionals and business owners. Both businesses and job seekers can connect with each other on LinkedIn. They can share their details on the profile, and it also works as a platform to help job seekers and recruiters. The recruiters can post the jobs on the job portal where the job seekers can apply with their CV and other details. 

LinkedIn was started in the year of 2003, and in 2016 it was acquired by the tech giant Microsoft. Today, there are more than 756 million people on LinkedIn from 200 countries around the world. The number of LinkedIn users has skyrocketed in the last few years, and it is still growing well. Microsoft is working on LinkedIn to introduce new features very frequently.

LinkedIn also allows you to share your posts with your connections. It is also shown to people who have similar interests. You can also see the posts by your connections, the people you follow on LinkedIn or the posts that are relevant to your interests. LinkedIn posts might be in the form of text, images, and videos. 

If you are a LinkedIn user, it happens very often that you like a post and you want to save it on your device. It might be for any reason like to watch that content later or to share it with someone out of the LinkedIn community. If the post is in the form of text or an image, then it is very easy to save it on your device. You can simply copy the text or download the image to save it on your device. The case is not the same if the content is in the form of a video, as LinkedIn doesn’t allow its users to download videos from their platform. 

This is when you need a LinkedIn video downloader that allows you to save the video to your device. The concept is very simple the LinkedIn video downloader converts the video into mp4 format so that you can download it on your device. There are many platforms out there, but today we will see a complete guide on how you can download LinkedIn videos online on Android devices.

We tested many LinkedIn video downloader websites to check for genuine websites. Make sure not to visit a website that says not secured when you visit the website. These websites might be fraud websites that might be there for various purposes. These websites may also contain malicious files that might harm your device. You can consider using Keepflick to download LinkedIn videos online on Android devices.

We have tried out the platform various times to ensure that it is a legitimate platform. Keepflick is a safe platform for downloading videos from LinkedIn and other social media sites. The best part about the platform is that they do not charge any fees from you, and it is completely free to use. There is no maximum limit on how many videos you can download in a day. It is very easy-to-use also, and here is a detailed guide on how to use Keepflick LinkedIn video downloader to download LinkedIn videos online.

Step 1

Open the LinkedIn Android application on your phone. If you do not have the application, you can also open LinkedIn on your mobile browser like Chrome. 

Step 2

Search for the person whose video you want to download on your device. Navigate to that specific video. Once you find that video, click on the video to open the video.

Step 3

After you click on the video, you will see the video on the full tab. There you will find three dots on the top right corner in the LinkedIn Android application. Click on the three dots, and you will see an option saying share via, click on that option. You will get the options for all the applications using which you can share the video link, skip all of them and copy the video URL on your smartphone’s clipboard.

Step – 3 

Launch any web browser on your Android device, and type to visit Keepflick.

Step – 4

In the navigation bar, you will find an option of “More Downloader Tools”. Once you get there a dropdown menu will appear in front of you. Select the Download LinkedIn videos option from the dropdown.

Step – 5

A box will appear in the center asking for the video URL. Paste the video URL in the same box and click on the download button. 

The video will be downloaded on your Android device in just a few seconds if the internet connection is good. It may take some time in case of a slow connection. You can visit Keepflick to download videos from other social media sites also for free.