Convert Ai to SVG

How to Convert Ai to SVG Vector (Best Ways)

Yes, there are innumerable reasons behind this vector files conversion. Maybe you people familiar with an online AI to SVG converter that assists you in converting single or multiple Ai files to SVG vector files. Besides that, here we are decided to reveal a few best ways through which you come to know how to convert AI to SVG files. 

Before knowing, let’s clear we point for your ease!

Why to Convert Ai to SVG?

An Ai (Adobe Illustrator Artwork) is referred to as the proprietary file type, which was developed by Adobe Systems. It is a well-known vector format that is typically considered to design logos and icons. Unlike SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), which is a well-known XML-based vector image format, AI file format can only be opened and even edited with certain image editors including CorelDraw, Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator). That’s why people normally turn AI into SVG for the ease of editing since there are certain handy tools and editors that assist to deals with SVG files. You could even visit to perform SVG file conversions and even get their free AI to SVG converter to save AI as an SVG vector file. 

How to Convert AI to SVG with Adobe Illustrator?

Yes, now you could easily open and even modify the .ai file with Adobe Illustrator, or also save it as SVG, SVGZ, PDF, or EPS vector format. You might think that how Adobe Illustrator works as an AI to SVG converter, don’t worry more. Here’s how:

  • You just have to open Adobe Illustrator and make a click on the Open option to quickly import the AI file, which you want to convert to SVG
  • Very next, you could readily perform editing on a particular file according to your preferences
  • In the top menu bar, you have to click on the File option and then simply choose the Save As option from the given drop-down list. Now, all you need to select a folder to swiftly save the converted file, then simply choose SVG as the output format in the given Save as type box and give it a new name. Then, you simply have to save the changes by pressing the Save button

How to Convert AI to SVG without Adobe Illustrator?

These are the best ways to convert AI to SVG online:

Well, an authorized source of theonlineconverter offers a free online AI to SVG converter that lets you change the Ai file format to an SVG vector file. Besides converting Adobe Illustrator to SVG, this site lets you deal with different types of raster and vector image file extensions without distorting the original quality. 

Here’s how:

Step 1: you just have to go to the “theonlineconverter” site

Step 2: Upload your Ai (Adobe Illustrator) file into Ai to SVG converter right now

Step 3: once the file uploading process is completed, simply hit the convert button to save AI as an SVG vector file format

CloudConvert is referred to as another best online AI to SVG converter that supports different file formats for converting files to and from one another type. Get ready to know how to turn Ai into SVG right now:

Step 1: you just need to open the “CloudConvert” site by using your web-browser

Step 2: in this step, you need to click on the Select File section to upload the target Ai file

Step 3: then you have to choose the SVG vector as the output format and tap on the Convert button

Step 4: it will take only a couple of seconds to process the AI file. Once the work is done, press the download button to download the converted file to your device.