How to Check Android and iOS Private Browsing History?

How to Check Android & iOS Private Browsing History?

In the 21st century, everyone expects to maintain their privacy. Still, brands and marketers are not giving up tracking the personal data of their internet users. This could also be a valid reason why many people browse through incognito mode on their devices. This is also known as private browsing. When you switch into incognito mode and start browsing privately, your browser will protect your confidential information. The brands will also get blocked, so there is no chance of information leakage. Let’s see how you can check Android and iOS private browsing history.

How to view iOS Incognito history

Step 1: View your incognito history with the best tool

To recover the data of the iPhone, you can choose any of the two provided versions; one for Windows and another for Mac itself. You need to select the right one and install it on your device. After launching it, you can now connect your iOS device with the help of a USB cable to your computer.

Step 2: See your entire private browsing history

Click on the Start Scan button after selecting the Recover from iOS Device tab to see all your deleted data. You can see the preview window popping up once the scanning process is done. Under the Memos and Others section, click on the Safari History, and now, you can see all of your Safari incognito history.

Note: You can retrieve the private browsing history of iTunes or iCloud backup by selecting the corresponding tab in the main interface, then following the instructions afterward to see the preview window.

Step 3: Retrieve selective incognito history from an iPhone

You can now click on all of the items you want to view on the right panel and finally click on the Recover button to recover this incognito history. Once it’s done, you can close the application and disconnect your device. If you wish to check the iOS incognito history, you can quickly get it on your hard drive.

How to view Android Incognito history

Step 1: Install the best app to view your incognito history on your Android device

On an Android device, you can view the incognito history by installing a history viewer app. Now, you can plug your device into the PC and start the program to let the PC detect your device.

Note: Before jumping into the process, make sure you have enabled the USB debugging mode on your device by following the given instructions.

Step 2: View the deleted private browsing history

Now, you can see a data type window where you can either select some selective data types or all of them at once. Click on the next button to proceed. Once the scanning is done, you can see a preview window. Here, you can see all of the deleted data on your device in chronological order.

Step 3: Restore desired incognito history

You can now click on all of the browsing histories you want to view later and click on the Recover button afterward. After that, you can set a specific folder to save this information and click on the Recover button again to complete the procedure.

How to see browsing history on iPhone or Android

As the usage of the internet increases, users also tend to be more concerned about their private data. Most web browsers such as Chrome and Safari have the incognito mode. But the methods to look at the browsing history are different in each platform. Let’s know how to see browsing history on both of these platforms.

How to see safari browsing history on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and click on the Show Pages icon present at the bottom right corner on your iPhone device. You can skip this step for the iPad.

Step 2: Now, keep pressing the Plus icon to see the recently closed tabs.

Step 3: Here, you can see all of the browsing histories that you closed in recent times.


You can also go through another medium to see your iPhone browsing history. Find Safari in the Settings, then proceed to Advanced and Website Data. You can now view the browsing history easily.

How to view Google browsing history on iPhone and Android

Step 1: In order to view the private browsing history of an application that has incognito mode enabled, you must first sign into your Google account.

Step 2: Now, click on the three-dotted menu button in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Finally, you can see the History option in the context menu; click on that to see the recent browsing history on your device.


This is applicable on both iOS and Android devices’ Chrome browsers.


With the increasing privacy concerns, users use the incognito mode more than the normal mode. These private modes were introduced to help users protect their data. But even though you turn this mode on, you can still view the history on your iOS and Android device using some tips and tricks. You can also view the deleted browsing history if you choose a good and reliable tool after all. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!