How Salesforce API Integration Service Is Helpful for Your Sales Team

How Salesforce API Integration Service Is Helpful for Your Sales Team

Summary: Salesforce API integration service is being proven to be beneficial for the sales teams of the corporate companies in the present scenario. Do you know how? In this article, you will read how this service is helpful for your sales team, along with the benefits of API integration.

Among the Salesforce services, which are helpful for your sales team, a prominent one is the Salesforce API integration service. API stands for Application Programming Interface that provides a pre-written piece of code to the developers, which they can use for performing a function on their website or app.

Moreover, APIs can also be used to connect different services. It has always been beneficial for the sales team of the companies. It is to be noted that API integration is different from Salesforce AppExchange app solutions.  

Below, you will read about some of the major benefits of API integration for your sales team.

 Benefits of API Integration for Sales Teams

  • Data can be moved between different apps through APIs.
  • Your Salesforce CRM is linked to other apps in your organization with the help of API.
  • APIs can be used for connecting your salesforce to a multitude of different solutions. Examples include e-commerce and accounting software.
  • The need for data entry is reduced; therefore, a lot of time is saved.
  • The impact of human error is also minimized by API integration in salesforce.
  • Sales teams get great help from APIs to build information on their customers.
  • Salesforce API integration assists sales teams function within organizations at the wider level.
  • Limits can be placed on the number of calls you can make in 24-hour periods.

Salesforce has the advantage of an open attitude towards the ecosystem, which you can get by connecting various app solutions to one of many APIs of salesforce.

How APIs Work on Salesforce

There is a huge number of Salesforce APIs, all of which work under one principle, that is, to send data from another app to Salesforce while retrieving data from Salesforce and moving it to some other app.  

The other app can be from a different solution you use for your business, or it can also be your own product.

For example, we can take three major APIs of salesforce.


It facilitates you to send and receive information. It is lightweight so it is considered handy for mobile phones.  


Its functions are the same as those of REST, but it is better for server-to-server integration.

  1. Bulk API

As the name itself depicts, BULK API is a high-capacity API. With the help of it, you can move lots of data at the same time.

When a Salesforce API Can be Used

With the help of a Salesforce API, you can easily push and pull data between salesforce and:

  • Accounts software used by your organization, like Sage.
  • E-commerce solutions your organization uses, such as Magento, Shopify, and Amazon, etc.
  • Your email marketing software, such as MailChimp.
  • Your shipping and delivery provider such as FedEx.
  • Own SaaS product of your organization.
  • Any app specific to your organization or business.
  • Any other app used by you to run your business.

To Sum Up

Salesforce API integration can be helpful for your sales team in many other ways also apart from the above-mentioned ones. This is why most of the organizations using salesforce prefer to avail the Salesforce API integration service in the present scenario.  

In order to set up your API integration, you must always use a professional salesforce developer. In order to accomplish this procedure proficiently, there are several Salesforce API integration service provider companies working in the corporate world today. These companies have teams of experts with years of experience, who can accomplish the integration procedure for your business or organization.

You can get the services of any such company, which can be advantageous for you. You will definitely be able to get the full benefits of API integration for your sales team and will be able to run your business with more proficiency.