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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Taxi App Like Uber With Basic Features?

Over the past few years, app-based taxi app services have replaced traditional taxi companies.They offer convenience, transparency, security, competitive pricing, and attractive offers and features. Taxi app development makes great sense for existing offline businesses and startup’s convenience. People have started to shift their offline transportation service to online transportation business. Uber owns 65-70% of the U.S. market. Apps like Uber and Lyft have completed almost 35 million-plus rides in New York City in the year 2017. 

The taxi app market generated a revenue of $302 billion in the year 2019. China has a user base of 36.4% and leads the global revenue generation market. China is expected to make $54 billion in the year 2021, followed by the US ($40 bn) and India ($25 bn).


Are you curious enough to know what it costs to create a taxi app like Uber?.

What Are the Features of a Taxi App?

Uber is the most valuable online taxi booking company. It has shown the way to stand out from the others by using some wonderful features.

Here are some basic features every taxi booking app development company should include:  

    1. Ride Booking

      Booking a ride needs to be in a minimal number of steps. All users need to fill his or her locations. Apps can also automatically read his/her current location as the default.

    2. Fare Calculations

      All companies use different approaches for calculating fares. A back-end algorithm can calculate the total trip fare.

      These calculations give the users an approximate fare based on the taxi type, distance, traffic conditions, and availability.

    3. Trip Details

      To win customer’s trust and maintain transparency. We should give them a cost estimation of the trip before the start of the ride.

      Details such as type of taxi, ride cost, ride time, these details will give them more exposure to the ride before they confirm the ride.

    4. Finding a Driver

      The trip request is assigned to the nearest driver. In some apps, the request is floated to all drivers until someone accepts it.

      While the app finds a nearby driver, the app shows a live map of the nearby taxis to keep customers engaged. 

    5. Confirming the Trip

      Once the driver is assigned, they can accept or reject the trip. If the rider rejects the trip then in that case the trip is assigned to the other driver.And if the driver accepts the trip, will get the customer’s details. 

    6. Connect Rider to Driver

      After the driver accepts a ride, the driver can connect to the customer. The customer gets the driver’s details such as taxi number, driver mobile number, driver name, taxi model no, estimated arrival time, driver rating, taxi location. And the drivers get customer details like customer rating, pickup point, name, mobile number, etc.

          7. Payment Methods

Payment can be done in numerous ways. Accepting digital payment is an important part of your taxi app development. Your app should be able to accept payments through QR codes, bank cards, mobile wallets, net banking, etc.  


  • When the trip is over, the rider and driver rate each other. It’s necessary to keep the system transparent.
  • Good or bad ratings of a driver will affect his or her future trips.
  • They are more likely to get fewer rides if the driver has bad ratings and reviews.
  • The drivers with high ratings and reviews will be rewarded with more rides.
  • This also affects the earning of the rider and may get higher commissions on their trips.
  • Customers with high ratings and reviews may be rewarded with better deals and given high priority during rides.
  • A customer with a bad riding history is more likely to have a tough time finding a driver.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Taxi App like Uber?

Now that you have details about the basic features which are necessary to build a taxi app like uber. You are at a good place to estimate how much does it cost to build a taxi app like Uber with basic features?

There are different charges taken by developers or taxi app development company around the world. While some developers in the United States charge between $60-$250 for an hour. And in India, charge in between $10-$80 for an hour. The total project duration will be in the range of 19000 to 2600 hours. 

A team of 5-6 developers working more than 16 weeks can easily build a basic taxi app. This is just an estimation measure on some approximations.