HUAWEI brand - Questioning the Presence of Huawei

Has HUAWEI Already Strengthened its Roots with the New OS?

Introducing the Smart Era

Everything has just gone smart today. There was a time when just the laptops and computer systems were smart whereas physically, they were quite heavy, but they soon transformed into laptops and pocket-held devices and hence today we have some of the highly efficient smartphones which can run way better than your high-spec laptops. Yes, this is the change refers to the increase in smartness which has us dependent on the new infrastructure and the devices being launched frequently. Some of us are indulged in the creativity of Android while the rest of us prefer the sophisticated environment of iOS, it solely depends on usability and preference. Yet, the whole world is revolving around these two aspects only including some of the well-known brands such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, etc.

Understanding the War

In broad terms, there are two major platforms, Android and iOS. Android is adopted and implemented within devices by every other smartphone brand except Apple, as Apple has its discrete software ecosystem known as iOS. The rivalry is quite tough as Apple is alone facing intense competition with several brands that adopt Android, yet it alone is a monopoly within the market and it has a separate customer base which is much loyal and Apple has made its way into the market through its quality. Apple is intelligent in sensing the fact that the other rivals are already busy competing with one another, introducing new products, and paying little attention to what Apple is doing as it is not considered as a “direct” competitor hypothetically, yet it still is. A lot of new brands entered the market and eventually left as they were unable to stand the presence and the barriers of the giants already present including Samsung and formerly Huawei nursing assignment help UK.

Questioning the Presence of Huawei

Huawei had been a brand of trust from the consumers as it excelled in providing robust networking solutions and smartly-equipped devices. Huawei had been quite profitable with its smartphone range and it was just next to Samsung in the rival environment until the dark day of 19th May 2019 when things changed significantly. It was considered as an official end of Huawei but no one knew that Huawei’s management was already aware of an action being planned against them so that they can be removed from the competition. The management of Huawei is very responsive and a solution had been planned years before this decision was finally heard in 2019. Huawei is still present but is majorly available within the Asian markets only as the US smartphone market is one of the major contenders of Huawei and the sale and purchase of its devices.

Huawei’s Tactics to Stabilise in the Market

When the higher authorities of the New York commission announced Google revoking its services, particularly Android operations from Huawei’s devices and its sole ecosystem, there was a grace period of 2 months given to Huawei which unexpectedly was taken too lightly by Huawei. The company in response stated the fact that it had been aware of such a decision in its way for the future barriers but it was never asleep and it had already been working on a robust solution which is soon to be announced.

As analysed and concluded in a research article by the senior analysts of Assignment Writing Services, this response was not just feedback or the emotions of a huge organization, but it included an essence of challenge regarding how the company will maintain its presence and meet the ongoing competition effectively.

Harmony OS – Is It an Effective Solution by Huawei?

The major announcement which Huawei made soon after being disqualified from Google’s Android services was the introduction of its separate operating system known as Harmony OS or Huawei’s OS. An operating system is never launched spontaneously and in emergency or urgency, but it takes a couple of years to finally reach the implementation phase. Hence, it pretty well explains the fact how Huawei had been planning the shortcomings ahead of it and it was efficient in ensuring its loyal customer base that it will never let them down and how they can continue using their services.

Now, a major question remained in the light of the fact that whether common applications including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, all owned under a single roof will continue to operate through Harmony OS? Well, the answer is a clear yes as Huawei had some effective plans which were found pretty successful by the end of the year 2019. A benefit which Huawei gained during its hearings included the continuation of Google’s services and updates on the existing devices and models which were launched and circulated in the market before the decision whereas all the devices which were to be announced next will only support Harmony OS and will be excluded from Google, including its backup plans, etc.

It is believed that a giant like Huawei could have only survived a decision like this and it can be a major threat for other brands as well as Google is a US-based brand that could come up with a decision for any of the companies unknowingly. These decisions are taken without prior notifications and hence it is highly recommended to start focussing on solutions that could be effective in case a similar situation is presented in the future. It can be costly, but it is far better than being forced out of the market without a robust reason.

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